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What it is: Kids Spell is another fun website for students to practice their spelling words on.  Students can choose to practice their own spelling words or practice spelling in general with the “select a spelling list” feature.  Kids Spell gives students a place to create their own spelling list and provides a unique url where they can access the list again and again.  After students have entered their spelling words, they can choose to practice them with eight games. How to integrate Kids Spell into the classroom: Because Kids Spell creates a unique URL to access saved spelling lists, it is an easy way for students to practice spelling from school or home.  Just link to the spelling list from your classroom website, blog, wiki, or in your weekly newsletter. Bookmark the URL on classroom computers and create a spelling center that your students can visit throughout the week during literacy.  Students can use the Kids Spell generic spelling lists to help them practice for a spelling bee type competition. Tips: Be sure to let parents know about Kids Spell, they are always looking for new ways to help their children study.  Games make spelling practice throughout the week much less painful! Related Resources: Spelling City, Spelling Wizard, Spellitis, Word Safari Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Kids Spell in your classroom.

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What it is: Kidoons brings time-honored, universally recognized stories to life. Stories include tales from the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault, Thorton Burgess, and more. Kidoons offers both online stories and games for kids developing literacy skills.

How to integrate Kidoons into your classroom: Offer students the opportunity to use Kidoons during silent reading time, or during a unit on one of the time-honored authors listed above. The online books are not read for the students, so it is best used with independent readers.

Tips: Visit the teachers section to join the Kidoons teacher’s resource newsletter. Kidoons will alert you of any new games, stories, and ideas for your classroom.

Kidoons does have advertisements on it, use this as an opportunity to teach kids about how to spot ads on the Internet.



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