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Winter Olympic Shidonni Lesson

Posted by admin | Posted in Character Education, Fun & Games, inspiration, Interactive book, Interactive Whiteboard, Language Arts, Primary Elementary, Secondary Elementary, Teacher Resources, Web2.0, Websites | Posted on 16-02-2010

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What it is: The Winter Olympics is here!  There is so much learning to be done.  In my computer lab, my students will be completing the following assignment using Shidonni and various Olympic websites for research.  I have created a Weebly site as a research landing page for students.

Please leave a comment and share how you are using the Winter Olympics 2010 as a learning event in your classroom.

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Is there a web page (url), Where we can see the students results?

I love this project! The kids must really love researching this at the same time it’s happening in real life.

What an excellent and attractive unit on the Winter Olympics. Well done. I had not seen weebly before, but I am impressed!

I created a collaborative project with several participation options. We have 38 classes in five countries registered. Check out the website to view our gallery (still a work in progress).

oops, I thought the url would be included. Here is is: http://sites.google.com/site/misschatz

Hi Nicole, see the lesson extension section, we are doing this as part of your collaborative project. My students are so excited about it. We are participating in project #3 :o)

Judith, Weebly is an easy way to make websites quickly. I also usually use either Weebly or Wix with students to create their own websites.

Yes, students are loving it. Second graders wrote a lot today about their favorite part of the Olympics. I was so impressed!

Right now the students are still working out the lesson. When we are finished, we will be collecting the pages that the students created and posting as a slide show, I will embed it here.

Our students used the Olympics to work on researching facts, paraphrasing, and creating a bibliography of websites they visited for facts and photos. They published a poster on one USA Olympic athlete using Comic Life. Thanks for all the great links!! We used http://www.NBColympics.com the most.

Great use of Issuu on that clean looking lesson plan on the Olympics! I had students just this week begging for a lesson about the Olympics – no joke! This Tuesday during computer lab, I’m going to set them loose on your Weebly (which I’ve never knew about until now- thanks!). Thanks for the resource.

Buzz Garwood

Have fun! My kids will just be starting the lesson next week, too. I am excited to do it with them, I think they are going to love it.

I love the idea of making a poster of an athlete in Comic Life, sounds like fun!

Do you have any examples of the completed projects in Shidonni? If so can you post them.

Not yet but we are making a slide show with our finished Shidonni drawings. I will post it here when we are finished!

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