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iLearn Technology Edublogger Alliance #2

Setting a deadline at the end of the school year was a BAD idea.  It seemed feasible when I set the deadline but soon I was packing away 7 years of classroom… stuff, and sorting through 7 years of digital mess.  Alas, the release of the second edublogger alliance is a little later than I had hoped.  Better late than never, right?  (If you joined the alliance and didn’t receive an email from me today, I have an email address from you that is invalid. Send me an email through my contact form with your correct email address so that I can re-send that email.)

As I compiled the second alliance and sorted through blogs, I was again reminded of the greatness I am surrounded by in the educational blogger community.  Every time I read your blogs, I am overwhelmed with a sense of hope that together we can solve the problems of the educational system.  With amazing educators like you there is nothing stopping us!

If you aren’t currently reading and following educational blogs, I highly recommend it.  Nothing will boost your learning, enthusiasm, and professional development like subscribing to some good educational blogs.  To subscribe, simply click on the link below and then choose the “subscribe” button.  The blogs will be added to your Google Reader account.

Edublogger Alliance #2

The Original Edublogger Alliance

If you are new to Google Reader, here are some great keyboard shortcuts that will have you navigating quickly through those blogs in no time:

n- view the next post

p- view the previous post

v- view the original post (this is helpful when you want to comment on the post)

s- stars an item for your favorites

shift d- share the item with a note

r- refresh

a- add a subscription

If you come across a blog that is in another language, you can easily have Google Reader translate the subscription so that each time you get a new feed, it is automatically translated.  To translate a blog, click on “Feed Settings” and choose “Translate into my language”.  Easy!Screen shot 2010-06-14 at 5.11.10 PM

Finally, the educators who participate in the educators blogging alliance are also great Tweeters.  You can follow the educators who participate in the alliance by following these Twitter Lists

edublogger alliance 2

edublogger alliance

Thank you for all who are participating and to those who join us as readers.  If you are wondering how you can encourage an educational blogger, there is no higher praise than Tweeting about our posts or leaving us a comment!

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