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  What it is: KidZui is a web browser made just for kids.  It has access to over 800,000 websites, pictures, and videos that are reviewed by teachers and parents who don’t just approve content, but also categorize it for age appropriateness and by topic.  Kids will be able to get to all of their favorite sites (and more) in a safe, engaging environment that rewards learning and teaches independent learning skills.  Parents and teachers can get weekly emails that keep you up-to-date with what kids are searching on KidZui.  KidZui is free for the basic account, they also offer a membership account that gives some nice additional features.  KidZui is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.   How to integrate KidZui into the classroom: KidZui would be a great web browser to have on classroom computers in the elementary school setting.  Students would be able to easily access all the information they need online without being exposed to inappropriate content.  The interface is very user friendly and teaches students great search skills as well as teaching great learning skills.     Tips: I often have parents asking me what they can do at home to keep their kids safe online.  KidZui is an excellent recommendation, the parent reports are a great way to keep parents involved in their children’s online activities.   Leave a comment and share how you are using KidZui in your classroom.  

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Big Huge Labs: Magazine

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What it is: Big Huge Labs: Magazine is an online magazine cover creator. Students can create custom magazine covers from photos on Flickr or photos uploaded from the computer.

How to integrate Big Huge Labs: Magazine into the classroom: This would be a great tie-in to a persuasive writing unit. Discuss with students why magazine covers need to be persuasive. Students can create a custom cover for a multitude of projects. This might be a fun Mother’s day/Father’s day gift as well!

Tips: Set up a class Flickr account and link to Big Huge Labs for easy access for your students.

Please leave a comment and share how you are using Big Huge Labs: Magazines in your classroom.

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