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Learning Clip

  What it is:   Learning Clip is a wonderful FREE math site out of the UK that provides short learning clips to be used in primary math classes.  The short video clips are explanations of math concepts.  Each video clip is followed by a game or activity where students can practice the new concept.  The whole site is intended to be used in whole class instruction with an interactive whiteboard (although they could be used just as successfully with just a projector or computer/TV hookup).  Many of the activities have been integrated with the Active Vote system.  If you are lucky enough to have an Active Vote set in your school this is a must see site!  The videos and activities are appropriate for first through fifth grades.  You do have to register to use the resources on this site, but it is free to register and a very quick process.   How to integrate Learning Clip into the classroom:    Use this site to introduce your students to new math concepts.  Use an interactive whiteboard, projector, or TV to show the videos.  Let students take turns “controlling” the computer during the activity portion.  If you have an Active Vote system be sure to actively involve your students in math learning with the integrated activities.  This site would also be appropriate for the one or two computer classroom.  Set up Learning Clip as a math center for students to visit while they are working on new math concepts or practicing old concepts.   Tips:  This site was created in the UK so money and measurement clips may not work in your classroom.  The other concepts should blend with your curriculum seamlessly.     Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Learning Clip in your classroom.

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Big Huge Labs: Magazine

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What it is: Big Huge Labs: Magazine is an online magazine cover creator. Students can create custom magazine covers from photos on Flickr or photos uploaded from the computer.

How to integrate Big Huge Labs: Magazine into the classroom: This would be a great tie-in to a persuasive writing unit. Discuss with students why magazine covers need to be persuasive. Students can create a custom cover for a multitude of projects. This might be a fun Mother’s day/Father’s day gift as well!

Tips: Set up a class Flickr account and link to Big Huge Labs for easy access for your students.

Please leave a comment and share how you are using Big Huge Labs: Magazines in your classroom.

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