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Google Election Tools for Teachers

  What it is: Google has an excellent tool resource center for teachers and the newest addition is the Elections tools for Teachers section.  Google is partnering with the National Student/Parent Mock Election to get students of all ages excited about the coming election in November.  The tools and activities help teach students about the candidates, issues, and about the election process in general.  Tools include an electoral college map, journey maps, YouTube You choose videos, Election video search, Power Readers, letter to the next president, and more.   How to integrate Google Election Tools for Teachers into the classroom:  Google offers amazing tools to educators and the Election Tools for Teachers don’t disappoint!  Each tool on Googles site offers ideas for integration in the classroom and lesson plans.   This years election seems to be different in so many ways than elections of the past…our future presidents are using technology like YouTube, Facebook, and blogging to influence voters.  The Google Election Tools are a great way to examine this phenomenon more closely while teaching about the election process and about the candidates and issues.  Enroll your class in a Mock Election that will take place on October 30, 2008 and before your students cast their vote, use the Google tools to engage students in learning more about the candidates and issues.   Tips:  If you don’t have access to the election videos because YouTube is blocked at school, use a file conversion program like www.zamzar.com to download the video from home.     Leave a comment and share how you are using Google Election Tools for Teachers in your classroom.  

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Safe Surfing with Dongle

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What it is: There is no such thing as too much emphasis on Internet safety. Safe Surfing with Dongle is another game to help kids learn the rules of Internet safety. This fun site teaches kids Internet safety through an interactive movie/game. Students learn safety tips on emails, chatting, playing games, and having fun online.

How to integrate Safe Surfing with Dongle into the classroom: Safe Surfing with Dongle can be played individually in a computer lab setting, in partners in the one or two computer classroom, or as a whole class using a projector. If you are playing as a class you might split the class into teams and alternate which team gets to answer each question. This game would be great to use at the beginning of the year as an introduction to Internet safety and throughout the year for review of online safety rules.

Tips: Create a bookmark to this site for quick easy access.

Please leave a comment and share how you are using Safe Surfing with Dongle in your classroom.

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