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Myths and Legends

What it is:  Myths and Legends is an awesome, free, online digital story telling website.  I heard about the website through @kjarrett.  The story creator lets students combine pictures that they compose with clip art or images that they upload, sound, and words to create a digital story.  The stories can be saved, printed, and shared.  Students can record themselves reading the story aloud and even add video!  The website is pretty comprehensive as far as online digital storytelling tools go, I am impressed!     How to integrate Myths and Legends into the classroom:  Myths and Legends is a great way to get your students interested and eager to write.  The digital story telling format gives students a unique opportunity to express themselves creatively.  Many of your reluctant writers will jump at the chance to create a story in this manner because it doesn’t “feel” like writing.  They don’t get stuck looking at that blank piece of paper and feeling overwhelmed by the task ahead of them.  I have found that students write more, and the quality of work is better when they create digital stories that are shared later with the whole class.  In the one or two computer classroom you can set up a digital storytelling writing center that students can work at, in the lab setting whole classes can create at the same time, and as a whole class with an interactive whiteboard or projector, the entire class can create a story together.     Tips: Each student should sign up and register for a free account so that they can save their work.  As a teacher you can also sign up for a school account where you can login and review all of your students work online.    Leave a comment and tell us how you are using  Myths and Legends in your classroom. window.google_render_ad();

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Safe Surfing with Dongle

Posted by admin | Posted in Character Education, Internet Safety, Primary Elementary, Secondary Elementary, Websites | Posted on 22-01-2008

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What it is: There is no such thing as too much emphasis on Internet safety. Safe Surfing with Dongle is another game to help kids learn the rules of Internet safety. This fun site teaches kids Internet safety through an interactive movie/game. Students learn safety tips on emails, chatting, playing games, and having fun online.

How to integrate Safe Surfing with Dongle into the classroom: Safe Surfing with Dongle can be played individually in a computer lab setting, in partners in the one or two computer classroom, or as a whole class using a projector. If you are playing as a class you might split the class into teams and alternate which team gets to answer each question. This game would be great to use at the beginning of the year as an introduction to Internet safety and throughout the year for review of online safety rules.

Tips: Create a bookmark to this site for quick easy access.

Please leave a comment and share how you are using Safe Surfing with Dongle in your classroom.

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