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Bloom’s Taxonomy Bloomin’ Tree

Okay, here is my LAST Bloom’s re-imagine (although I’m not promising it is the last that I will come up with, it is just the last I created for my classroom).

Over the past few weeks I have been sharing some of my Boom’s Taxonomy re-imagines.  I created these for my classroom so that I could share Bloom’s with my kids in different ways that would make our classroom fun, but also give them a different way of viewing the information.   Today I am sharing my Bloomin’ Tree.  As I started making my Bloom’s re-imagines, students started coming to me with ideas of how to display the information.  The tree was a student idea and the boy underneath is Lance, who made the suggestion.  (Lance was my personal Dennis the Menace, loved him to pieces!)  Some of you have asked what program I used to create my pictures.  I use Apple’s Pages for almost everything, the Bloom’s Taxonomy was no exception.  I use the free hand drawing tool, the shapes, fill tool, text box, and inspector to make my version of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Below you will find my original Bloomin’ Tree, along with my digital version.  Many of you have asked for a printable version of these Bloom’s Taxonomy re-imagines, you can now find a bundle of 4 (Bloomin’ Peacock, Um-bloom-ra, Bloomin’ Pinwheel, and Bloomin’ Tree) in my store.  You will get 8 8.5″x11″ posters, this includes the digital version of each.

Digital Bloomin’ Tree

Here are links to the digital resources in my digital Bloomin’ Tree:


BBC Skillwise-

Spelling City-


Discovery Streaming-




PBS Kids-


Into the Book-



Book Adventure-




PhotoBooth- Software



Google Earth-


Read Write Think-

Cool Iris-












Wiki Spaces-









Garageband- Software

iMovie- Software


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  1. How is it that I never thought about have kids look at Blooms? We’re now moving to the RISC model that gives students more latitude to show what they know. This re=image will more than likely show up in many classrooms in our district. Great work!

  2. I love this one too, but the pinwheel is my favourite still.

    I must tell you Kelly, that since you told us what you used, I have been exploring Pages more and loving the drawing tool, gradient fill etc. I am in the midst of switching between it and Photoshop right now, trying to create a magical rock!

  3. Kelly, your bloom charts are quite simply AMAZING. I’m no longer in a classroom but if I was, I would definitely want to purhcase these, blow them up, and put them on the wall.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for being a great friend!!

  4. I have to say that the Pinwheel and peacock are my favorites but they are all fun and have a different story to go with them. Isn’t Pages amazing?! I really is a graphics program hidden in a word processing program!

  5. Great idea Jodie! I like the way you are suggesting that students have more responsibility in designing their learning. We need more of that.

  6. Thanks Lydia! To tell you the truth, I didn’t consider kids really paying attention to Bloom’s until one of my students saw a taxonomy on my desk and asked me what it was for. I thought, why shouldn’t kids know about the different approaches to learning?

  7. Hi,
    Sorry to post this here, but the Contact page doesn’t seem to be working on the site! I wanted to purchase the Bloom’s Taxonomy poster set but I’m curious about the price difference to buy the set for professional use vs. personal use?

  8. Thank you for the heads up Cheri! I will take a look at the contact page and see what I can discover. In the mean time, the difference in price has to do with how you will be using the Bloom’s Posters. If they are for your classroom, they are considered “personal” use. If multiple classrooms in your school will be using them it is considered “professional” use. I hope that helps!

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