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Thank you once again PLN!

I have to thank my wonderful PLN who once again cheers me on and keeps me going when my life feels like the chaos will never end!  Those of you who have signed up for the Educators Blogging Alliance, not to worry I still have the list and hope to get it all set up and sorted out this week.  My original date for the launching of the second Blogging Alliance came and went.  All I can say is that my plans for the end of the school year were much more ambitious than was actually feasible to accomplish. A number of changes is occurring in my life and several of you have asked me what is going on.  Hopefully this post will help answer all of those questions in one place. I won’t be teaching in the classroom next year.  This was by choice (sort of).  I have auto immune disorders, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Reynauds Syndrome.  These aren’t new for me, I have had them since I was about 9 years old.  However, this year has been an especially bad one.  I used to take medications to help keep me going and I did pretty well on a day to day basis.  Those medications gave me an ulcer this year.  So without meds I was feeling really bad all of the time.  After talking with my rheumatologist and several specialists, the consensus was that I can’t be around so many germs.  It seems that I chose the exact WRONG career for what my body can handle. I teach (taught) in a computer lab, this means that on a weekly basis I was exposed to every student in the school. All 437 of them.  I love my job, I love teaching, learning is my passion, but I can’t be sick all the time.  So, I made a hard decision and will not be working in the classroom next year. My passion is teaching, learning, technology, and education.  Just because I’m not in the classroom does not mean that the passion goes away.   I have several opportunities that I am excited about.  I will continue to post to iLearn Technology and Dreams of Education.  I will continue to be an active member of my PLN (maybe even more active now that I can be), I will continue to offer professional development and teacher trainings.  I have plans to start a virtual enrichment classroom (I have to stay connected to teaching students!), self publish the curriculum and lessons that I have been writing for the past 7 years, and start a 1 to 1 iPad pilot program at CHC (where I taught).  There are exciting days ahead but I can’t help but feel sad over saying goodbye to my students, my classroom, and my colleagues.  I will miss them greatly! It is hard to leave a job you love, it is hard to leave a steady income when the economy is iffy and teachers are having a hard time staying employed, it is hard to leave students who’s lives you have invested in.  Change is never easy for me but I am choosing to believe that new doors and opportunities will open up as a result.  Maybe I will be able to affect education in ways that wouldn’t have been possible from the classroom.  Once again, I want to thank you, my amazing PLN! You all are an amazing encouragement and make change infinitely easier to deal with.

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Edublog 2010 Award Winners

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The Edublog 2010 awards were held this week. Alas, I didn’t bring home any Eddies this year but I wanted to point you all to the winners (all wonderful additions to your Google Reader).  Congratulations to all who won!  Don’t forget to check out the original list of nominees (also wonderful additions to your Reader).

To all who nominated and voted for me, thank you so much for your support and encouragement- you all make me feel like a winner every day and I appreciate that!

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