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FlipSnack: Turn a PDF into an embeddable Flash Flip Book

What it is: FlipSnack lets students turn PDF documents into embeddable Flipbooks quickly and easily.  Students upload a PDF (or multiple PDFs) to be included in the book and FlipSnack instantly transforms it into an interactive flippable book.  In order to login to FlipSnack, students will need an email address (this can be a temporary email such as Tempinbox or Mailinator).  Students can also login using a Twitter account, Facebook connect, Google connect or MySpace connect.  FlipSnack has some neat options available that other pdf to embeddable book services like Issuu do not have.  Students can choose a template for their Flip including classic, hardcover, coil bound and interactive.  Student also have the ability to customize the background, size and buttons included in their embed.  Students can share their FlipSnack with a unique url, on social media sites and email, or embed it in another website.  The free version lets students embed the finished FlipSnack on a website or blog with a FlipSnack watermark.

How to integrate FlipSnack into the classroom: FlipSnack is a neat way for students (and teachers) to share pdf documents online.  Students can save their work as a PDF and upload into an interactive book that can be embedded on a blog, wiki or website.

Use your classroom computers as a student created library.  Students can upload original stories to a class FlipSnack account to create a library of student work.  During silent reading time, give students the opportunity to enjoy their peers as authors.  This is perfect for an elementary classroom that may not have the email addresses for each student to sign up for a separate account.

Create custom books for your students by combining PDF documents into one customized text-book.  These can be embedded on a class blog, website, or wiki for students to access from anywhere they have internet access.

Upload school handbooks, resources etc. to the classroom and school website for easy access by students and parents.

One of the features I enjoy about FlipSnack is the ability to view statistics for the flip books.  Find out how many views a Flip has had by day, month or all time.

Tips: I often use Issuu to share and embed PDFs.  It has been my go-to favorite for personal use.  I hesitated to use Issuu with students because of the collection of ALL user publications on the home page of the website.  Sometimes these were inappropriate for elementary students.  I like that FlipSnack doesn’t share user-created publications with little eyes.

Take a look at the FlipSnack I created for my new school, Anastasis Academy, embedded below:


Please leave a comment and let us know how you are using FlipSnack in your classroom!

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  1. I use Issuu as well and love its features, but when it came to sharing it with teachers to use in their classroom I was hesitant. FlipSnack is a great alternative! I am off to share this with teachers tout de suite 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing this site! I had not heard of it before. I was actually looking for an easy to use eBook creator. I had tried out Myebook, which was easy enough to start out, but it never totally loaded on my computer. 🙁 FlipSnack worked the first time. It is so easy to use! I will definitely be using it and telling others about it as well. 🙂

  3. I LOVE using FlipSnack! It’s create for creating easy readers for young students. I have also used it to publish writing for my students. I teach K-5 students so most of the time I will collect and publish their writing. How fun for kids to be able to read an online book they created! You can check out my examples:
    Stories to Read


  4. How cool! I just spent time playing with it. My 5th graders wrote their favorite memory of being in our school. I am going to transfer their memories into FlipSnack. I am also going to let them put their “Advice to the New 5th graders” in this format as well. Thanks for sharing!

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