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Bestest PE Teacher

 What it is:  Our PE teacher just started a blog of her own!  The blog is called Bestest PE Teacher, her hope is that it will be a place to start a conversation with teachers, students, and parents about physical education in schools, reminisce about PE memories, and advice for parents and students.  How to integrate Bestest PE into the classroom:   This blog will be a great place to converse about physical education in schools.  Pass this blog on to the PE teacher at your school and join in the conversation to encourage this new edublogger!     Tips:  If you are wondering where the name Bestest PE came from, the kids call our PE teacher “Bestest PE Teacher in the Whole Wide World”… I tend to agree she is the bestest!   Do you follow any other PE blogs?  Share them here so I can pass them along!

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Friday Recap

Posted by admin | Posted in Friday Recap | Posted on 27-05-2011



Three day weekends are a gift straight from heaven!  I could not be more thrilled that we are headed into one of those.  I have been on turbo speed for the past few months and I need a reason to take a forced break- this seems like the perfect excuse to do just that!

Working to open a school in August is hard work, I continue to be amazed at the learning community that is being pulled together and I am excited to see it all unfold!

This week:

I hope you had a meaningful week full of many learning gifts.  To those who finished school this week-congratulations! For those who have some time yet- keep doing what is best for kids!

Happy weekend!

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I love your Searching For da Vinci resource! It’s exactly what I was thinking when I wrote my first blog post on da Vinci. The Bloom’s Taxonomy visuals are great, too! I’d like to hear more about what you are doing with it. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Peggy, as you will remember your post was the inspiration for this line of thought!

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