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Reading Logs

What it is: Reading Logs is a free website that makes reading, spelling, and vocabulary simplified.  Reading Logs is a great way to organize student reading, spelling, and vocabulary practice.  Learning material can be uploaded by teachers to be accessed by students online.  Once the material is online, students can use the electronic reading log, vocabulary card creator, and and use the listen and spell practice system.  Teachers can upload reading lists and reading goals for their class.  These can be weekly or monthly goals and can be set up to track the number of minutes or the number of books read.  Online competitions can be setup by the teacher (example: first student to read a certain number of minutes).  Teachers can quickly post a vocabulary list where students can look up words with the online dictionary and add definitions to the cards.  The cards can be studied online or downloaded as a pdf to print out.  With the listen and spell system, teachers can upload spelling lists for students to practice.  Students click on a button to listen to the spelling word and practice spelling it.  They receive immediate feedback from the program.  Reading Logs tracks students reading logs and updates teachers with progress. How to integrate Reading Logs into the classroom: The Reading Logs website is a great place to organize your classroom.  It eliminates the need for paper spelling lists, vocabulary cards, and reading logs. Parents and students will appreciate the one stop shop for these common weekly tasks.  I am not normally a fan of reading logs, I think they can stress students out about reading unnecessarily (readicide!), but this online reading log works more as a motivator and goal setter for reading.  I like that the focus is not on the number of pages read but on what books that a student is reading.  This could encourage great conversation about reading between students who are reading similar books, or between the teacher and student.  The focus is on encouraging the love of reading and not on the task of reading.  The spelling practice center is great for vocabulary development, pronunciation, and self guided learning of spelling words.  The vocabulary card creator allows students to easily create vocabulary cards, look up words in the online dictionary, and practice the words.  I like this site for student and home connections and for the self guided learning and pacing.  The spelling portion of this site could be great for English language learners because they will hear the pronunciation of words and can look up the definitions within the program. Tips: When you register for this free website, you will get some great printouts explaining the site to parents and students. Related Resources: Spelling City, Shelfari, Book Adventure Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Reading Logs in your classroom.

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PlanbookEdu: Lesson Plans in the Cloud

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What it is: Planbook EDU is a great cloud-based (a.k.a online) lesson plan book.  Because Planbook EDU is hosted in the cloud, all you need is an Internet connection, your plans travel with you.   Planbook EDU is listed in the Google Apps Marketplace and is a natural fit for schools already using Google apps for education (email, calendar, documents, etc.).  The free version of Planbook EDU has nothing to install, let’s teachers access their planbook from any internet connection, is easy to use with word processor like editing, is fully customizable, works in all major web browser and is iPad/iPhone supported (word processor editing doesn’t work on these devices).

How to integrate Planbook EDU into the classroom: I am a big fan of organizational tools, they let me organize my thoughts so that in the fire hose of ideas what is important (the learning goal) doesn’t get lost. Planbook EDU is a simple way to organize and plan units and your school year.  I love that it is cloud-based so that I can access my plans from anywhere and any time.  The basic features are robust enough to get your planning in place and the extras that can be added on make it VERY useful.

The premium version allows you to embed your planbook directly in your classroom website…very handy for keeping students and parents up to date with what is coming!

Tips: For $25/year, you get all of the free features plus- attach files to lesson plans, assign Common Core Standards, embed your planbook on any website, share lesson plans with anyone, print from your browser, export to Microsoft Word or PDF, built-in spell check and enjoy access to unlimited planbooks each school year.  EVERY user gets a free 14 day trial of all the premium options from Planbook EDU.

Please leave a comment and share how you are using PlanbookEDU  in your classroom!


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Thanks for the great post.

If anyone has any questions or comments about PlanbookEdu feel free to contact me directly.

Matt Curry
Founder, PlanbookEdu

I have been using this tool for over a year and love it. I have the premium version and it has been a life saver. Don’t know how I did it without it.

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Thanks! As someone who hates writing lesson plans, this makes my life so much easier! I love the fact that I can add files. Will let you know how it works out when the new school year begins.

Thanks for the input from someone who has been using it Kathleen. We could all use more of those tools that make life easier!

I’ve always liked PlanbookEDU.

It is one of the best of its kind, but a few more options can be seen here…


Third-year teacher and first time user of both Planbookedu and Edublogs. I am going to try to convert as many people as possible to both services, as they add value, are efficient, and affordable. My real curiosity is how well my entire year’s planbook will copy to next year with slightly different start dates and holidays. If it goes smooth, this thing could be a must-have for every teacher.

Best thing I ever bought for my classroom!

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