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The following was posted on tecnoTIC, an education blog in Spain that does similar things to iLearn Technology.  (This was originally in Spanish and was translated with Google Translate.)  Raul (the creator of tecnoTIC) found my blog and made the suggestion to link them because of their similar nature.  After spending some time on his blog, I was hooked.  The cyberfriendship grew and we began exchanging ideas, linking two cultures through technology.  It has been a great experience! A year ago I proposed to Kelly Tenkely, the creator of iLearn Technology can unite our blogs in order to symbolically link the two publications driven by common objectives if, as the twinning of cities, but in this case blogs. To seal the twinning did in his time a banner exchange so that we are bound, you may see a banner on its Web tecnoTIC Colorado USA and one in tecnoTIC iLearn Technology (who is from Spain but also stay in USA server) so that readers can access and mine tecnoTIC to iLearn Technology. With the passage of time can say that besides this “banner exchange” has created a good thread of communication between tecnoTIC iLearn Technology and exchanging views, experiences, news, etc., which have contributed somewhat to our growing blogs. I asked him this morning to Kelly the possibility of writing this brief post on our blogs twinning and the answer was “definitely do that, I think it is a great idea!”. Original: “Hace ya un año que le propuse a Kelly Tenkely , la creadora de iLearn Technology la posibilidad de hermanar nuestros blogs con el fin de unir simbólicamente ambas publicaciones movidas por objetivos comunes, si, como los hermanamientos de ciudades, pero en este caso de blogs. Para sellar el hermanamiento realizamos en su momento un intercambio de banners de tal manera que estamos enlazados, es posible ver un banner de tecnoTIC en su página de Colorado USA y otro de iLearn Technology en tecnoTIC (que aunque se hace desde España también está alojado en un servidor de USA), de manera que sus lectores pueden acceder a tecnoTIC y los míos a iLearn Technology. Con el paso del tiempo se puede decir que además de ese “intercambio de banners” se ha creado un buen hilo de comunicación entre iLearn Technology y tecnoTIC, intercambiando impresiones, experiencias, noticias, etc, que han contribuido en cierto modo al crecimiento de nuestros blogs. Le consulté esta mañana a Kelly la posiblidad de escribir este breve post sobre el hermanamiento de nuestros blogs y la respuesta fue “definitely do that, I think it is a great idea!”.”

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Conduit Mobile: Turn any website/blog/wiki into an app for any mobile device!

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What it is: Want to see something really super cool?  You can create your very own app for multiple mobile platforms in, I don’t know, 7 minutes flat! Seriously.  Conduit Mobile makes it incredibly easy to create your own app out of a blog, class website, wiki, etc. and publish it to share with others.  It honestly could not be easier.  Type in the URL you want turned into an app. Click go. Customize and tweak to your hearts desire and publish.  That. Is. It.  Holy cow it is easy!  You all are going to look like super geniuses when you turn your classroom blogs/wikis/websites into mobile apps that parents and students can access easily from anywhere.  Better yet- turn your school website into a mobile app and then you will be super genius of the school.  That is an impressive title.  Once your app is published, you have the ability to send push notifications to your app users (field trip reminders anyone?).  You can also easily track the analytics of who is using your app.  You can even enable advertising to earn revenue in accordance with your apps installation and performance.  It never hurts to have a little extra mail money around for all those classroom supplies we buy!
How to integrate Conduit Mobile into the classroom: Conduit Mobile makes it easy to meet your students and families where they are-on mobile devices.  Make classroom content and news easily accessible by running your site through Conduit Mobile-it does all the hard work leaving you an app for Apple devices, Android, Windows mobile, bada and Blackberry.
Do your students have blogs or wikis that they have created?  Help them publish their hard work into an app.  I’m thinking this would be a really NEAT way for our Jr. High students to turn their blog ePortfolios into apps that they bring with them to high school interviews.  Now that would be impressive!  It is so easy to do, there is just no reason not to!
As a school, publish your school site as a mobile app where parents can get quick-at-a-glance information, review policies and get the latest news.
Tips:  To publish your app to the various app stores, you will need a developer certificate.  These differ depending on the app store you are aiming for.  Conduit mobile even makes this process easy, walking you step-by-step (with pictures) through the process.  Once you are connected to each app store, you can publish as many apps as you would like.  If you have a class full of students who would like to publish a mobile app, it may be worth creating a class developer license that everyone can use to publish.

Please leave a comment and share how you are using Conduit Mobile in  your classroom!

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I just used a conduit to make an App for my school :-). It’s very straightforward. The Android app marketplace costs $25 to get into whereas Apple costs $100 plus taxes. Apple also requires a Mac for you to use to upload your app. The Android store doesn’t care what you use :-). When MIT gets the Android App Maker site up and running again, it’ll make Android development even easier. With Apple Apps…well, it’s harder.
My students LOVE the app. Creating their own would be even cooler!!

This looks cool! Keep up the good work and keep posting those kid apps when they come. You don’t mention price, platforms, etc., but I’ll explore on my own. Thanks!

I love this idea, however, even to try it out, it appears that you need to purchase an Apple Developer license ($99 per year) or a one time fee of $25 to upload the app to the Google Market Place. It’s too bad you cannot make your app free in both the Apple Store and Google Market Place without a subscription or developer license.

My name is Heather and I work for Worth Ave. Group. We’re currently holding a contest for K-12 teachers to win grants for their schools, and iPads or iPods for their classrooms. If you’re interested in participating, feel free to email me or visit the link I’ve posted below.
Have a great day!

This is true…to put in the stores you do have to register as developer.

Price: Free…until you want to publish then it costs. Platforms are mentioned above.

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