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My Mobile Witness

  I am on Fall Break this week (hallelujiah!) so I am thinking of things non-school related and found a must view for all of you gals out there- guys check it out for the loved ones in your life.  My Mobile Witness is a completely FREE program that turns your cell phone into a personal safety device.  Basically, any time you feel uncomfortable about a situation (weird guy following you at Target, blind date, first time meeting an eHarmony match, etc.) you take a picture and text it to your My Mobile Witness account.  My Mobile Witness stores the picture with a time stamp in the digital vault.  Should anything happen, My Mobile Witness works with law enforcement…now you always have a witness!   So, you can use My Mobile Witness when you meet a blind date for the first time, enjoying yourself on spring break, your car breaks down and someone stops to help, a new repair man comes into your home, a friend leaves a party with someone she just met, you worry about an obsessive ex, a guy eyes your shopping bags on the subway, you spot a suspicious van in the parking lot, you go for a jog in the park after dark, a driver gets hostile with you on the road, you go on a trip away from home, or you go hiking in the back country.  This is truly an incredible service, check it out, sign up, and then send it to everyone you love.

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Buzz Lightyear in Orbit

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What it is: Buzz Lightyear in Orbit is part of NASA’s website for kids. The site uses the popular Toy Story character, Buzz Lightyear, to teach kids about the next space mission with Atlantis. It also introduces kids to the Discovery team and the mission that has just been completed. Kids can go on 5 space “missions” of their own by playing some fun educational games on the site. Games are math and science based and separated into grade level. Grades k-2 can play games appropriate for that age group and grades 3-5 can play at a more difficult level.

How to integrate Buzz Lightyear in Orbit into the classroom:
Use Buzz Lightyear in Orbit as part of your space unit or even as a current events topic. Students can read and learn about the current space missions on the Buzz Lightyear home page. The games are great for reinforcing math and science skills that you are teaching in conjunction with or even separate from the space unit. Your students will love the fun look and feel of this site and especially the familiar Buzz Lightyear character.

Tips: At the bottom of the game screen, you can download worksheets that correspond perfectly with the games and information on the site!

Leave a comment and share how you are using Buzz Lightyear in Orbit in your classroom!

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