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Conginitive Labs

  What it is: Cognitive Labs is a collection of games aimed at working out the brain. The games work both the left and right sides of the brain. There are currently 76 brain games to play on the Cognitive Labs site but games get added regularly. How to integrate Cognitive Labs into your curriculum: Use Cognitive Labs games as a daily brain teaser or daily warm up for your students. You could have a new game up each day on classroom computers for students to play with and solve throughout the day. If you have a projector in your room invite students to come up and solve the different puzzle games. In a computer lab setting you can have a mini competition to see who can solve each puzzle the quickest. The games are a great way to jump start thinking for the day! Tips: You have to enter a email address to activate the links on the Cognitive Lab site. The email address does not have to be valid or unique so students do not need to have their own email address to play the brain games. Please leave a comment and share how you are using Cognitive Labs in your classroom.

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Buzz Lightyear in Orbit

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What it is: Buzz Lightyear in Orbit is part of NASA’s website for kids. The site uses the popular Toy Story character, Buzz Lightyear, to teach kids about the next space mission with Atlantis. It also introduces kids to the Discovery team and the mission that has just been completed. Kids can go on 5 space “missions” of their own by playing some fun educational games on the site. Games are math and science based and separated into grade level. Grades k-2 can play games appropriate for that age group and grades 3-5 can play at a more difficult level.

How to integrate Buzz Lightyear in Orbit into the classroom:
Use Buzz Lightyear in Orbit as part of your space unit or even as a current events topic. Students can read and learn about the current space missions on the Buzz Lightyear home page. The games are great for reinforcing math and science skills that you are teaching in conjunction with or even separate from the space unit. Your students will love the fun look and feel of this site and especially the familiar Buzz Lightyear character.

Tips: At the bottom of the game screen, you can download worksheets that correspond perfectly with the games and information on the site!

Leave a comment and share how you are using Buzz Lightyear in Orbit in your classroom!

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