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Math Glossary

  What it is:   I am on a little bit of a math resource kick.  It happens from time to time when someone asks about a resource for a particular project they are working on.  I get searching and find outstanding resources for whatever the subject is.  This week I was on a math quest.  Math Glossary is one of my great finds of the week.  This glossary, created by Harcourt, will help students in grades kindergarten through sixth understand math vocabulary.  The glossary is easily searched by grade and alphabetic order.  The glossary doesn’t just define math vocabulary for students, it shows them what it looks like!  Each word and definition can be read to students by clicking on the speaker icon next to the word.     How to integrate Math Glossary into the classroom:  Math Glossary is the perfect place for students to learn and discover math vocabulary.  The visual representation is especially perfect for your visual learners.  Use the Math Glossary as a beginning place to introduce math concepts.  Students can look up key vocabulary for the new math concept in the Math Glossary.  Have them describe what they are seeing.  Having a good base to build on makes all the difference!  Keep the Math Glossary up on one of the classroom computers during math class as a math resource center.  Students can use the Math Glossary as they need during math class.     Tips: Bookmark the Math Glossary on your class computers for easy access for students.   Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Math Glossary in your classroom.

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PowToon: AMAZING free animation tool

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What it is:  I have discovered my new favorite creation site.  Holy wow this is a cool tool.  Basically, it makes you (and your students) look like rockstars when they present.  You know all of those super cool animated videos that tell a story through drawings on a whiteboard?  Now you can make those all on your own with a super simple drag-drop tool.  Meet PowToon.  It is awesome.  I’m a little addicted to playing with video creation…no joke.

PowToon has a great mission: “to address all the frustrations that people have with power point and keynote and add animation and killer design.”  You don’t have to be super tech savvy or design skills to create spectacular animated presentations.   The goal here is to help people communicate in a way that conveys ideas.  Best of all…it is FREE!  Woot!  Also, PowToon loves education, they want to help teachers and students create great content that is visually engaging, captivating and fun to make.

Right now PowToon has 5 design styles (with more coming).  Added with your student’s creativity, these animations are going to be fabulous.  Finished videos can be shared all over: YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, exported or embedded.

PowToon is currently in Beta version. Sign up for an early look at this super cool creation tool.  I got my invitation within a few hours.  #bam

How to integrate PowToon into your curriculum: PowToon is a fantastic way to share ideas and story.  Communication is a vital skill.  The ability to express ideas and story in a succinct, clear manner is crucial.  Today, students have another facet of communication to learn…visual communication.

PowToon would be a great addition to the design thinking routine.  Students can use PowToon to share their ideas or to “prototype” an idea.  Students can create videos to show math processes, explanations of complex concepts, review new learning, teach others, explain processes, tell stories, or present research.  The possibilities are really endless and students will come up with hundreds of other creative uses.

Teachers can use PowToon to create animations for students.  This is a great way to present new information or ideas for discussion.

Tips: The PowToon Interactive Tour and How to Create series are very helpful to watch prior to creating your first animations.

Please leave a comment and share how you are using PowToon in your classroom!

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I love PowToon! It was really fun and easy to use. I created this PowToon to lead in for my presentation to teachers about screencasting in the classroom:
I did not buy the HD download. I just noticed a YouTube option when I was in my video manager, to enhance the video and selected it. I think it improved the quality a bit.

I have been “playing around” with Powtoon as well! Thanks for more ideas on using it in the classroom!

Can’t wait to get the app.

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