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Number Gossip

What it is: Number Gossip is an outstanding math tool that I learned about from the excellent blog ZarcoEnglish-Tool of the Day.  Number Gossip is a search engine for numbers only.  Type in any number and you will learn “everything you wanted to know about it but were afraid to ask”.  For example, when I search for the number 2 I learn: 2 is the smallest prime number, 2 is the only even prime number, the smallest field has 2 elements, for any polyhedron, 2 is the number of vertices plus the number of faces minus the number of edges.  I can also learn the rare properties of two, and the common properties of two.  Now that is pretty cool! How to integrate Number Gossip into the classroom: Number Gossip makes an excellent introduction to math class.  Call on a student to choose a new number each day and learn all about the number.  New math vocabulary and concepts will be introduced every day.  Number Gossip helps students understand numbers, their properties, and their relationship to one another.   When students are studying new properties, they can search numbers that fulfill those properties and find out why. Students could create a baseball type card for a favorite or lucky number, listing all of it’s stats on the back. Tips: I just love the name of this site, Number Gossip, doesn’t it just make you want to know more?  I think students will feel the same.  When you search for a number, input the actual number (2) it doesn’t recognize (two). P lease leave a comment and share how you are using Number Gossip in your classroom.

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Claco: United We Teach, build lessons collaboratively

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What it is:  Claco is a new website that makes it simple to build, organize and share lessons. Your lessons can be dynamic including weblinks, embed codes, online videos, files and more.  In addition to creating and uploading your own lessons, you can also search and use lessons that other teachers around the world have built.  There is no better way to stretch and grow professionally than to learn from each other!  Claco makes it easy to work with other educators in a collaborative environment to streamline the lesson planning process.  I love the vision behind Claco, they have even created a movement called “United We Teach” that encourages educators to share and enhance each other’s resources.  I learn SO much from my PLN, creating a place where this is encouraged as part of the process is fantastic!

Another feature I love about Claco: no need to download lessons, you can view and use all lessons directly from your Claco profile.  That means that lessons are available from anywhere (because they are in the cloud) and can be used from computers, iPads, and smartphones…super handy!

How to integrate Claco into your curriculum: Use Claco to save yourself time.  I tend to get lost in the OCEAN of amazing lesson ideas and resources on the web.  I like that Claco can be a one-stop shop for resources and lessons.  The ability to organize all of my findings in one easy-to-use place that can be accessed by all of my devices is also very helpful.

Aside from the time saving, Claco makes it possible to collaborate on lessons with other teachers in the building, or from anywhere in the world.  Lessons can be constructed with teammates and enhanced by anyone.  Lessons can also be easily shared with students, parents and colleagues.

Tips: You may recognize some features of Claco.  Class Connect (which I wrote about here) has morphed into Claco. The genius behind Claco, Eric Simons who created the sites after some frustrations with his own school experience.  Instead of being disenfranchised, he set out to make it better.  You gotta love that!

Please leave a comment and share how you are using Claco in your classroom!

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