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  What it is:   Tools for Educators is an awesome site, so awesome that I am surprised I haven’t run across it sooner!  Tools for educators offers templates for teachers to create their own board games, word searches, dice, cross word maker, bingo cards, domino maker, spelling and reading worksheets, handwriting worksheets, certificate maker, vocabulary handouts, listening test worksheets, and word bank worksheet.  All templates are extremely customizable, fast and easy to use.  And did I mention it is all free?!   How to integrate Tools for Educators into the classroom:  Tools for Educators is obviously a great site to use to customize worksheets, games, etc. based on your classroom curriculum.  Even though the site is geared toward educator use, I have had students use it last week to create their own custom board games, dice, and dominoes.  The students loved creating games, rules, and question cards for their games (they made these with a Pages template I created).  We have a parent day where families can come and play the games the students have created.  So much fun!  Definitely check out this site, I know you will be inspired to create something wonderful!   Tips:   There are a lot of Google ads along the right side of the screen.  When using with students, use the opportunity to teach them about web advertisements. Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Tools for Educators in your classroom.

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The Nerdy Cast Episode 7: @thenerdyteacher AND @ktenkely = epic.

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On Tuesday I had the distinct honor of chatting with @thenerdyteacher on The Nerdy Cast.  Nick and I have been buds for years, working on various projects together, talking education and pop culture.  You can listen to our whole Nerdy Cast chat which includes our humble adventures in blogging, starting Project PLN , starting a school and my newest project, The Learning Genome.

Thank you Nick!


If you want to be a part of The Learning Genome, be sure to check out the campaign here.

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