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Guest Post: Kid Vid

Kids’ Vid: Classroom Video Production Creating videos in a classroom setting can be an exciting way to encourage children to learn and create. However, this form of technology can be intimidating to newcomers. Both teachers and students can learn how to create, edit and share videos with Kids’ Vid. Although there are many video resources on the Web, few are available that cater to those in a K-12 environment. Video hosting sites are often a source of objectionable material and corporate software sites are often too technical for laypersons. Kids’ Vid, however, is created specifically with teachers and young students in mind. The video tutorials on this site are offered in four stages: 1. Scripting – The Scripting area of Kids’ Vid offers advanced storyboarding tools and tips for writing a classroom-friendly screenplay. 2. Making – The Making section covers all aspects of capturing the video, from operating the camera to lighting the video shoot. 3. Editing – The Editing area offers tips on pulling all the elements together and adding special effects. 4. Showtime – The Showtime section explains the various ways to share a video once it is edited, which includes CD-Rom, DVD and broadcasting on the Web. Both teachers and students can benefit from the four areas above, which explain detailed techniques in an easy-to-grasp format. There is also a special area for educators that offers tips on how to integrate video production with a curriculum. Furthermore, children will enjoy the Kid Advice section, where they will learn helpful hints from their peers. Young adults are more acclimated to video technology than ever before. Indeed, this is the “YouTube generation” and many children are very curious about how to make their own videos. Not only can you appeal to your students in a cutting-edge fashion with Kids’ Vid, you will find this medium to be very conducive with education in general. Heather Johnson is a regular commentator on the subject of top online university. She welcomes your feedback and potential job inquiries at heatherjohnson2323@gmail.com.

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The Nerdy Cast Episode 7: @thenerdyteacher AND @ktenkely = epic.

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On Tuesday I had the distinct honor of chatting with @thenerdyteacher on The Nerdy Cast.  Nick and I have been buds for years, working on various projects together, talking education and pop culture.  You can listen to our whole Nerdy Cast chat which includes our humble adventures in blogging, starting Project PLN , starting a school and my newest project, The Learning Genome.

Thank you Nick!


If you want to be a part of The Learning Genome, be sure to check out the campaign here.

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