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What it is: Ecybermission is a free, web-based science, math, and technology competition for students in sixth through ninth grade sponsored by the US Army.  Students compete in regional and national awards by working to solve problems in their community.  The goal of the competition is to help students understand how science, math, and technology work in the world today.  Each team needs 3 or 4 student members.  The team members must register and join the team by December 18, 2009.  Each team also needs 1 adviser this could be a teacher, coach, club leader, etc that is at least 21 years old.  There are four mission challenges that a team can choose from: sports and recreation, 2009-2010 scenario challenge, environment, or health and safety.  Students will research the problem they are seeking to address, write a hypothesis, and conduct experiments.  An online Team-Talk allows students to meet with each other online using discussion forums, chat rooms, and instant messaging.  Students can answer questions in an online mission folder that allows them to attach files such as photographs, survey questions, or a website.  At the end of the competion the mission folder is submited (before February 26, 2010). How to integrate Ecybermission into the classroom: Why not make Ecybermission a portion of your schools science fair?  Students could gather into teams competing in the competion, solving real-world problems.  My guess is that this competition would be a much richer learning experience than the typical volcanoes, and planet mobiles that usually show up to science fairs.  As students work to solve a problem, they will build communication, collaboration, innovation, critical thinking and scientific process skills. Tips: Get your students signed up today, registration is open from now until December 18, 2009.  I would think the more time you can provide your students the better! Need an added bonus?  Any team that registers with Ecybermission gets Brian Pop for free! Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Ecybermission in your classroom.

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“It’s Project PLN Time, Project PLN Time!”

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“It’s Project PLN Time, Project PLN Time!” (In my head, that is being sung to the tune of “It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Peanut Butter Jelly Time!”)  There are dance moves accompanying this. Can you tell I’ve been surrounded by 10 year olds all day long? ;)  Are you singing it now?  Good.

Project PLN is now accepting submissions for the November Issue.  This issue is labeled the “Sharing Issue”.  Whenever teachers get together, we quickly start sharing great lesson plans, resources and tools that we have discovered (this is one of the reasons that my husband is not interested in having dinner with a bunch of educators!).  Since it isn’t practical for us to all get together for a edugeeky dinner, we want Project PLN to be a place where people can share their awesome lesson plans or resources with everyone out there.

If you think you have something awesome to share, please send an email to ProjectPLN10@gmail.com and we will add it to the November Issue. Please follow the guidelines for submissions below so we can quickly and easily load your posts to the site.

Please email the article or link to the article to ProjectPLN10@gmail.com

Please include a small bio that includes your blog, Twitter handle and other information you would like to share. A picture is encouraged, but not required.

It may be a piece you have published on your blog already. A good idea is still a good idea even if you had it a few months ago.

Please submit posts by Monday November 5. We expect for the issue to go live on Tuesday November 13.

Thanks again for all of the support you have given Project PLN over the years.

Kelly and Nick

Co-Editors – Project PLN

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