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Jackson Pollock Whiteboard

What it is: Jackson Pollock was an influential American painter and a big name in the abstract expressionist movement.  Recently,  I was reminded about the Jackson Pollock Whiteboard interactive from the wonderful  Techie Classroom blog.   This website allows students to create Jackson Pollock-esque virtual paintings.  Students click anywhere on the screen for splatters of paint, drops, and dribbles.  As they are “painting”, students can press any key on the keyboard for a different background color, erase using the space bar, press alt+ any key to change the color of the drip, or use numbers 1-0 or left, right, up, or down arrow to change the color of the drip or background.  Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas is also an iPhone and iPod Touch application. How to integrate Jackson Pollock Whiteboard into the classroom: This site is just plain fun!  Students will enjoy creating abstract works of art by clicking and moving around the virtual page.  Obviously this would be a great way to introduce students to abstract art and to Jackson Pollock, students could start by creating here, and then study Jackson Pollock and his famous paintings.  Put the Jackson Pollock website up on your interactive whiteboard and let your class create a Pollock masterpiece throughout the day.  Take a screen shot of the finished painting at the end of the day/class period.  This could be done every day over a week or month.  At the end of the week/month collect all of your classroom virtual paintings into a slide show.  Do the finished paintings convey the emotions of the days?  The slide show of paintings could also be used as a backdrop for information that students learned on their Jackson Pollock study. Students Pollock masterpieces can be used for adding some color to the classroom walls, as a desktop picture or screen saver, or as thank you notes for classroom helpers. Tips: In the iPod/iPhone version of the Jackson Pollock Whiteboard, multi-touch capabilities are built in for even more fun! Please leave a comment and share how you are using Jackson Pollock Whiteboard in your classroom.

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Meraki: Manage Mobile Devices from the Cloud…FREE

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What it is: Meraki lets you centrally manage mobile devices, macs and PC’s from the cloud based dashboard.  The systems manager makes it simple to centrally manage applications on iOS, Android, Mac and PC devices.  It integrates with Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Apple App Store and Apple’s Volume Purchase Program.  In addition to being able to manage apps, Meraki makes it easy to enforce and deploy restrictions on mobile devices. Choose how your students access the app store, gaming and content, how they connect wirelessly, security settings and remote VPN access.  Meraki has a virtual backpack where content can be shared with devices.  Files and documents can be added and sent wirelessly.  Separate backpacks can be delivered to different classrooms so that the correct documents are shared with the students who need it.  The cloud platform makes 1 to 1 projects and BYOD (bring your own device) roll outs manageable.  The best part?  Meraki is 100% free.  You just can’t beat that!

How to integrate Meraki into the classroom: This is one of those tools that I WISH I had seen before I spent $3,000 on another solution.  Blerg.  Live and learn, right?  Next year, this is the solution I will be using to manage all of our BYOD iPads at Anastasis.  It has everything that we need.  The integration with Apple’s Volume Purchase Program is pretty fantastic.  This is a great way for the school to purchase and manage educational apps that we want to share with students.  The cloud management means that we can manage devices from anywhere and we don’t have to have a dedicated server to do it.  I can do a lot of things, but managing servers is not one of those things that I want to spend my time doing!

Meraki is a great solution for whole schools or single classrooms that need to manage devices.  I love that Meraki can be used for a school initiated roll-out or in a single classroom BYOD initiative.  Either way the tools are easy to use and will make the integration of technology in the classroom run smoother.

Tips: Check out the FAQ page to learn more about how Meraki gets installed on the student devices.  The installation changes based on device.

Leave a comment and tell us how you are using  Meraki in your classroom.

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I passed this along to our district folks today, but it looks like Meraki just got bought by Cisco: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2412479,00.asp. Hope that doesn’t change this free MDM option . . .

This is true, I am hoping for the same!

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