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October Issue of Project PLN

It is October, which means the second issue of Project PLN!  In this issue, we asked educators to share their best practices for the start of the school year.  We got some great ideas, challenges, and suggestions from PLN members.  Take a look at the newest issue here or view the embedded version below.  I encourage you to get to know the contributing members of this month’s project PLN.  Connect with them via Twitter or through their blogs.   In the next issue we want to hear from administrators, what do you wish teachers knew about administration?  What suggestions do you have for teachers, parents, administration?  Give us an inside look at the world of the administrator. projectpln10 – Project PLN Issue 2 Create Your OpenZine

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12 Days of Dreaming #12DOD

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I love this time of year. Everything seems so full of possibility and optimism.  @Mr_Brett_Clark took hold of that feeling and started Education Dreamer: 12 Days of Dreaming.  Today was the big launch!  From Brett: “There is no greater time than now to share our dreams for education. Everything great that has ever happened, started as a dream.
Education Dreamer will post a new post on Monday through Thursday the first three weeks of December beginning December 3rd.
You can support this project by sharing out the post using #12DOD, adding a badge to your website, and leaving comments.”

I fully support this 12 days of dreaming and added my own dreams which were posted on day number one.  Lucky me!

Follow along, dream with your fellow educators and be inspired to make those dreams a reality!

My contribution is called: Dreaming of a Better Education.  Click the link to have a read.

Thank you for including me Brett!  Happy Everything :)

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