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Kids and Cookies

  What it is:   Kids and Cookies is an online flash game that teaches elementary students about fractions in a game setting.  Students choose characters to be their “friends” and then choose how many cookies they have.  They have to evenly share the cookies with their friends and can use different cutters to divide the cookies.  The site provides a great introduction to rational number fractions.   How to integrate Kids and Cookies into the classroom:    This is a great site for introducing your students to the concepts of fractions, especially those at the “sharing” and “fair” age because of the way that they have to share and split up the cookies fairly.  This would be a good whole class activity with an interactive whiteboard or a projector where students take turns sharing their cookies.  As they share the cookies, talk about the fractions of cookies (for example when they split the cookie in half or in thirds.)  This would also be a perfect site to use as a math center.  Students can visit the center in groups and discuss their findings as a whole class after every student has had the opportunity to interact with the site.   Tips:  You can find more advanced (much more advanced) flash math games and activities on the Center of Technology and Education site where the Kids and Cookies game is hosted. This is also a great game for those of you who don’t have Internet access in your classroom because their is a free downloadable version of the game for Macs and PC’s…cool!   Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Kids and Cookies in your classroom.

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Sign Up Genius

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What it is: Sign Up Genius is an easy-to-use site that makes it a snap to organize all of your classroom helpers and volunteers, parent teacher conferences, fundraisers, etc.  Quickly build custom sign up forms, invite the group, people sign up online and Sign Up Genius automatically sends email reminders.  Sign Up Genius has professionally designed graphical templates, tools for bulk email, email reminders for those who have signed up, email privacy settings, and even the ability to view statistics for sign up pages.  Sign Up Genius also has great Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest making sharing SO easy!

How to integrate Sign Up Genius into the classroom: Sign Up Genius is your one stop shop for organizing groups.  Use this handy tool to create Sign Ups for classroom volunteers, parent teacher conferences, fundraisers, class snacks, classroom parties, office hours, student presentations, special room use, etc.  Sign Up Genius could also be really useful for creating sign ups for coordinating online projects with other classes around the world.  My favorite feature: email or text reminders get automatically sent out so there is no need to keep track of everyone’s schedules…it is hard enough keeping track of your own anyway!

For older students, Sign Up Genius could be a useful tool for allowing them to sign up for class project/presentations, meeting hours with you, or coordinating their own clubs or group projects.

Tips: There are all kinds of great themes built in-all customizable to fit your needs!

Leave a comment and tell us how you are using  Sign Up Genius in your classroom.

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