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Webspiration Wednesday: Virtual PLN Hugs

I’ll be honest, yesterday was not a very inspirational Wednesday.  I didn’t get to hold my regular teacher gathering for inspiration because I was in a meeting.  It seemed like everywhere I turned, discouragement was waiting to stare me in the face.  So, what do I do when I am feeling discouraged?  I look to my PLN, of course.  You all are a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for me.  From my Twitter friends to my blogging alliance bloggers, they are a constant source of sunshine.  So, for today’s (late) Webspiration Wednesday, I am sharing the blogs that make me smile, and offering you another opportunity to jump into Twitter and join our PLN (personal learning network). This Week in Ed Tech The Book Chook My Integrating Technology Journey Classroom Chronicles Bits and Pieces Place Bits ‘n Bytes Blogging About the Web 2.0 Classroom Bright Ideas EDge21 EdTechSwami Educadores Digitales Education as a Portal EDucation ToGoBox Educational Technology and Life EduNut Integrating Technology in the Primary Classroom It’s Elementary! Learning 2.0 Living and Learning Together Miss McMillan’s Blog Notes from McTeach Passport Academy Pilkerriffic! Realizing Your Personal Legend Reeder’s Writings Ed Resources Online Teacher Reboot Camp Teacher Tech Teacher Toys Tech 221 Tech Transformation Tech Tuesday Techno Constructivist Technology Figuring Out How the Pieces Fit Tech for Your Content The Education Technology Blog The Interactive Classroom The Learning Blog The Missouri FCCLA Blog The Nerdy Teacher The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness The Techie Classroom World Languages Technology Consultant This Swiftly Tilting Planet Vanessa Cassie: Sharp’s Audio/Visual What Ed Said ZarcoEnglish- Tool of the Day Education Stormfront Guro Just Pondering Reeled in Research Reading Teachers Online Arsenal Suzanne’s Blog I get a daily dose of inspiration from my Blogging Alliance and Twitter friends, but in the past day they have spoiled me with extra acts of friendship.  After I posted a discouraging tweet, I immediately got several encouraging messages from my PLN friends.  This morning I woke up to more support and encouragement.  @woodenmask sent me this: http://soytuaire.labuat.com/ and a gift song on iTunes The Roses of Success (from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang).  @lamoureuxr sent me this: Don’t Stop Believing Kid’s Choir.  @TheNerdyTeacher included me in his tribute to Snick post that made me laugh out loud.  To my PLN, thank you for the smiles and virtual hugs today.  They were felt loud and clear. If you haven’t joined Twitter and started building your PLN yet, let me encourage you to start by following these incredible educators.  Jump in, you won’t regret it!

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Media 4 Math: Math in the News

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What it is: Media 4 Math: Math in the News helps students view current events through the “prism of mathematics.”  Every week features a new story that makes headlines and the underlying mathematical story gets extracted.  The Math in the News site is a little bit confusing to navigate at first (it isn’t really clear where to find each issue of Math in the News).  Scroll down to see an archive of stories.  Each entry has a Slideshare version of the presentation, a YouTube version or the Math in the News app version.  These presentations are full lessons with embedded background knowledge articles and videos, data  sets, current event explanations and a walk through of how to solve.

In addition to Math in the News, Media 4 Math also has Math Tutorials, Promethean Flipcharts, Powerpoint slideshows, Math Labs, Print Resources, a Video Gallery, Math Solvers and more.  I really like the Math Solvers, students can choose a problem type, input their own data and see a breakdown of how to solve the problem.  The Math Labs include PDF worksheets and YouTube Videos that lead them through real-math problem sets.

How to integrate Media 4 Math: Math in the News into the classroom: Media 4 Math: Math in the News is a fantastic way to help your students make the connection between the upper-level math they are learning and life. I’m fairly certain that every math teacher in history has heard “what are we ever going to use this for?”  This site helps students not only see that math is everywhere, but also walks them through how to think mathematically.  There are plenty of resources that walk students through common mathematical functions.  This site is a great supplement to any math curriculum!

With new content weekly, your curriculum will be fresh and relevant!  Share Math in the News using an interactive whiteboard or projector-connected computer, as a math center on classroom computers, individually with laptops or iPads, etc.   Flip your math class and have students explore a Math Tutorial to prepare them for the next day of learning.  Then they can test a few scenarios in Math Solvers and come up with their own explanation of the concept.  In class, students can work with you to solidify and practice the learning.

Tips: Sign up for the free weekly newsletter to have Math in the News delivered right to your inbox.  Do you have a classroom iPad?  Math in the News now has an app!

Leave a comment and tell us how you are using  Math in the News in your classroom.

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