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What it is: Link Up is a web app that helps kids link words to categories.  Each game requires two categories with six linked words each.  Once you have created a game you can save it to access at a later time or to share with others.  Students use Link Up by dragging links between categories and words.  The game is easy to customize and create on the fly.  It would be a great site to use with an interactive whiteboard. How to integrate Link Up into the classroom: Link Up is a great way to help students organize information and discover similarities and differences.  Use Link Up for word sorts in science, language arts, geography, social studies or math.  Students could sort living vs. non-living things, events in WWI vs. WWII, long vowel words vs. short vowel words, odd vs. even numbers, and a host of other topics.  The click and drag interface makes this site perfect for use with an interactive whiteboard as a whole class activity or as a center on classroom computers. Tips: Link Up allows you to save and share your activities (hooray!) this makes creating activities for lessons significantly easier. Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Link Up in your classroom.

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Physics Central: Nikola Tesla and the Electric Fair

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What it is: Physics Central is a fantastic website full of…you guessed it, physics! There are fantastic sections for students to explore science, activity books, experiments and activities.  Students can learn more about physics in action (physics as found in the world around us), meet physicists, and learn about physics research.  Physics Central will ignite a students curiosity in: sound, electricity and magnetism, force and motion, light and optics, material science, quantum mechanics, space and the universe, and thermodynamics and heat.  My favorite find on Physics Central so far (I’m sure there will be many more favorites the longer I explore) is the Nikola Tesla and the Electric Fair section.  Here, students will find a downloadable kit that includes a manual, comic book, and four related activities.

How to integrate Physics Central into the classroom: Physics has always been among my favorite sciences.  There is something about it that is fascinating to me. Physics Central is packed full of great resources to enrich your classroom.  The comics are a fun way to learn about famous scientists, inventors and events in science history.  The complementing activities bring the comics to life and invite students along on the journey of discovery.

Work with your students on a “PhysicsQuest” like Nikola Tesla and the Electric Fair and see what they come up with. Compare their results with the actual solutions (posted on the site).  Join the current PhysicsQuest with your students to help students recognize the fun and relevance of science.  You can register now for the Spectra: Turbulent Times quest.

Tips: Start a PhysicsQuest with your students, as an after school club, or as a home extension investigation.

Leave a comment and tell us how you are using  Physics Central in your classroom.

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