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James Patterson’s Read Kiddo Read

What it is:  James Patterson’s Read Kiddo Read is a website dedicated to making kids readers for life.  This site has a wealth of good information and resources that will help you foster a love of reading in your classroom.  Read Kiddo Read has outstanding book lists for every age group.  These are tried and true favorites kids books.  In addition, Read Kiddo Read has some outstanding features such as a can’t miss reading list just for boys, and an “if your kid likes…” that matches up popular kids toys and movies with books that they may enjoy.  There is a great book-based lesson plan exchange that uses popular kids books as the basis for lessons.  Read Kiddo Read has some audio interviews with favorite children’s authors complete with a written transcript. How to integrate Read Kiddo Read into the classroom:   I’m sure that you have encountered at least one student who was dead set against reading.  You make suggestions, walk the library together, ask about interests but just can’t seem to find the book that hooks them.  Read Kiddo Read is a site that will help you to crack the code for those students who just aren’t interested in reading.  Search books by age, books just for boys, and books matched to other interests, movies, and toys that a student enjoys.  You are bound to find something that they love.  Use the author interviews as an introduction to reading or writing.  Students will be inspired to write when they listen to stories of how the ‘pros’ do it.  Be sure to check out the outstanding library of lesson plans based on popular children’s books.  Read Kiddo Read is a great place to get inspired and put some excitement in your reading classroom.   Tips:  Be sure to register for free on the Read Kiddo Read website, you will become part of a great community of teachers and parents passionate about creating life long readers. Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Read Kiddo Read in your classroom.

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Send Anywhere- share files between mobile and non-mobile devices

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Send Anywhere- iLearn Technology

What it is: Send anywhere is a super handy app for iDevices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) or Android devices.  With it, you can share photos, videos, contacts or any other file easily with other iPhone/iPad, Android, or website.  There is no user account to create, simply enter the one-time key that you are given to receive the files.  With Send Anywhere you select the file, photo or video, contact, etc.  Next you can choose to generate a QR code that can be scanned, share a key for receiving files using text message or email, or scan for devices that are nearby.  You can also choose to upload the file to a server where multiple users can then download the file for a set amount of time.  The receiver of the file can either enter a one-time key code, scan the QR code on your device, make their device discoverable or go to the http://send-web.com website on a computer web browser to receive the file.

How to integrate Send Anywhere into the classroom:  Send Anywhere is a great way to share files quickly with students or colleagues.  This is also an easy way for students to share their work with each other or with you.  Because it doesn’t require a login, it is ideal for young students who may not have an email address to send you their work.  Send Anywhere is super versatile.  Even if your students aren’t all using the same devices, you can share files seamlessly using one of the Send Anywhere options.

Often at Anastasis, our students bring their devices on field trips for note taking and photos.  When they return to school, they are always excited to share what they collected on the field trip.  Often one student gets the perfect shot that others in the class would like shared.  With Send Anywhere, this transaction could happen quickly without the student with the picture spending a lot of time transferring it to the other devices.  On other occasions, we ask students to leave their iPads at school and a teacher acts as moment capturer.  When students get back to school to reflect, the teacher is able to quickly share the learning evidences for students to include in reflection blog posts or projects.

Did you create a file that you would like to share with students? Use Share Anywhere to distribute digital rubrics, syllabi, instructions, etc.  Students can quickly enter a keycode and access anything they need.  Send Anywhere could also be a great way for students to “turn in” their digital work.  Again, this is a fantastic option for students that don’t have their own email address to send from.

Our students create portfolios that they share at our end of the year Storyline (essentially a celebration of all the growth that has happened over the year), we invite families to come join this celebration.  So often, parents want a copy of their children’s digital work.  On the display that students create, they could share the Share Anywhere key code, or QR code.  This would also work for identity day presentations, science fairs, etc.  Work and research can be shared through Share Anywhere.

Tips: Share Anywhere is a fabulous invention.  I’ve long wished for AirDrop on the iPad to share files quickly between my own devices.  This isn’t currently available but is being released in iOS7.  Until then, Share Anywhere is the perfect solution.  For the long-term, Share Anywhere is a great option when you have a variety of device types.

Price: Free

Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Requirements: iOS 5.0 or later


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I would love to see this kind of thing in my school. Technology like this will be the future so why not start using it now is my opinion. I appreciate how you gave examples of how it could actually be used in a practical way.

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