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2010 Edublog Awards- Thank you!

The 2010 Eddies (Edublog awards) are here.  This is the 7th year of the Edublog Awards.  Last year I won an award for Best Educational Tech Support blog.  I couldn’t be more honored.  The Edublogs are a truly special award because you have to be nominated by those who read your blog.  It is truly humbling to be nominated by all of you, who I hold in such high esteem, for an Edublog Award.  This year I (or a project I was involved with) was nominated in several categories.  Of course I would love your votes, but looking at the line up, there are so many incredible blogs to choose from I will understand if you don’t!  Regardless of who you vote for, be sure to check out the blogs, conversations, and people nominated.  You are bound to discover some new and wonderful people to follow and conversations to join in. You can click on the badges below to vote in each individual category. iLearn Technology was nominated for Best Individual Blog: I was nominated for best individual tweeter- ktenkely (this category shocks me the most!) Best Group Blog- Cooperative Catalyst (I am honored to be one of the contributors to this blog!) iLearn Technology was nominated for Best Resource Sharing Blog: I was nominated for two Most influential blog posts – Do you want to form an alliance with me? and Twitter Academy: iLearn Technology was nominated for best educational tech support blog: The Reform Symposium (of which I was an organizer) is nominated for Best Educational Webinar Series: The Reform Symposium was also nominated for Best use of a PLN: Thank you for the nominations and votes, but more importantly, thank you for the ways that you support and encourage me every single day through comments, tweets, RT’s and sweet notes, I appreciate my readers more than I can say!

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Kids Picture Dictionary App

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Kids picture dictionary app- iLearn Technology

Kids picture dictionary app-iLearn TechnologyWhat it is: Kids Picture Dictionary is just what you would imagine it to be: a dictionary, for kids, with pictures.  This picture dictionary has something extra special built in, it includes a self record feature so that kids (teachers or parents) can record their own voice to record sentence examples.  Each word includes a picture, an audio recording of the word, and the ability for kids (teachers or parents) to record their own sentence.

How to use the Kids Picture Dictionary App in your classroom: This is a very simple dictionary app for young students.  It is organized well so that they can search words by letter and picture.  The words included are pretty basic, but would be perfect for an emerging reader/writer.  Students could use the dictionary to help them with spelling during writing time.  I’ve often seen kids who can tell a fantastic story, but their writing is limited because they don’t want to spell a word that they aren’t sure of.  Kids Picture Dictionary app could be just the confidence they need to let their ideas soar.

The Kids Picture Dictionary app could also be really helpful for ELL/ESL students who are learning vocabulary.  Each word not only includes a picture, but also a sample sentence.  Students can listen to the word used in context and then practice recording their own sentence using the new vocabulary.  The recording is saved within the app so students can work independently, and teachers can go back through the app to assess understanding later.

Tips: The Kids Picture Dictionary app is free; however, it does include advertisements at the bottom of each page.  For $1.99 you can get the app without the ads.  A strong suggestion for educational app developers: It is RIDICULOUS to put an in-app purchase option on an educational app.  If a school is going to buy your app, they will want to do it through the Volume Purchase program.  In app purchases are NOT education friendly!  (If you are purchasing this for school, the app exists in the app store twice, the free version always comes up first and if you dig, you can find the $1.99 ad free version.)

Price: Free

Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad with iOS 4.3 or later.

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