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Call for posts: November Project PLN

  You are really going to do this? You are going to make me BEG you to share?  If that is what it takes, that is what it takes!  The November issue of Project PLN is about ready…it is just missing one last thing, a post from YOU. We would be honored to have YOU (yes you) participate in the November issue of Project PLN.  Here is how: In November, we are having a #SchoolDidAGoodThing issue. We want people to share the stories of how school did a good thing for them. These stories serve as an inspiration to teachers and the community. It is a nice reminder of why we all do what we do. We really hope you will share a story with us about how school did a good thing.  Share a blog post you’ve already written, something you remember from when you were in school, something original you just have to say.  This issue is a great way to say THANK YOU to those who have impacted our lives and to our colleagues who change lives every day.  Lets come together and share all the ways that schools do a good thing each and every day! As always, feel free to email posts to ProjectPLN10@Gmail.com, check in on us at Twitter @ProjectPLN or say hello on Facebook.  

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24 of Our Favorite Apps at Anastasis Academy!

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24 of our favorite apps at Anastasis Academy


Recently, Kelly Hodgkins from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) interviewed me for a back to school piece on apps that teachers use in the classroom.  I not only shared our favorite apps, I also shared some iPad accessories that keep us happy.

Click here for 24 of our favorite apps at Anastasis Academy.   What are your favorite apps?

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