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What it is: Reading Logs is a free website that makes reading, spelling, and vocabulary simplified.  Reading Logs is a great way to organize student reading, spelling, and vocabulary practice.  Learning material can be uploaded by teachers to be accessed by students online.  Once the material is online, students can use the electronic reading log, vocabulary card creator, and and use the listen and spell practice system.  Teachers can upload reading lists and reading goals for their class.  These can be weekly or monthly goals and can be set up to track the number of minutes or the number of books read.  Online competitions can be setup by the teacher (example: first student to read a certain number of minutes).  Teachers can quickly post a vocabulary list where students can look up words with the online dictionary and add definitions to the cards.  The cards can be studied online or downloaded as a pdf to print out.  With the listen and spell system, teachers can upload spelling lists for students to practice.  Students click on a button to listen to the spelling word and practice spelling it.  They receive immediate feedback from the program.  Reading Logs tracks students reading logs and updates teachers with progress. How to integrate Reading Logs into the classroom: The Reading Logs website is a great place to organize your classroom.  It eliminates the need for paper spelling lists, vocabulary cards, and reading logs. Parents and students will appreciate the one stop shop for these common weekly tasks.  I am not normally a fan of reading logs, I think they can stress students out about reading unnecessarily (readicide!), but this online reading log works more as a motivator and goal setter for reading.  I like that the focus is not on the number of pages read but on what books that a student is reading.  This could encourage great conversation about reading between students who are reading similar books, or between the teacher and student.  The focus is on encouraging the love of reading and not on the task of reading.  The spelling practice center is great for vocabulary development, pronunciation, and self guided learning of spelling words.  The vocabulary card creator allows students to easily create vocabulary cards, look up words in the online dictionary, and practice the words.  I like this site for student and home connections and for the self guided learning and pacing.  The spelling portion of this site could be great for English language learners because they will hear the pronunciation of words and can look up the definitions within the program. Tips: When you register for this free website, you will get some great printouts explaining the site to parents and students. Related Resources: Spelling City, Shelfari, Book Adventure Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Reading Logs in your classroom.

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The Very Best Use of a Weekend: #RSCON4

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I am SO excited for this weekend.  It is the Reform Symposium Conference!!!  Seriously, I feel a little bit giddy.  Like a child on Christmas morning.  As an adult, RSCON is one of the things that can bring back the same feelings of anticipation and eagerness.  So much learning is about to happen this weekend!  Best of all, it is INSPIRED learning.  What could be better than surrounding yourself with a weekend packed full of inspiration, learning, hope, edu-friends and encouragement? Nothing, that’s what.

In case you’ve been out of the loop in the world of social media lately, this is BIG!  You will not want to miss this FREE worldwide virtual conference.  It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, what you are wearing, how disastrous (or epic) your week was, because RSCON4 is available to everyone.  Please look at the schedule (conveniently made available in your preferred timezone) and plan to join us for as much of the conference as you can.  I’m overjoyed that I get to be a part of this incredible conference again.  Although I’ve been the very WORST organizer, I’m truly so honored to be a part of something so important.

I’ll be presenting on Sunday with @michellek107 and @nancybabbitt, we will share a little bit of the “secret” sauce that makes Anastasis so awesome. Drop in and join the conversation.  Better yet: drop in to several sessions and join the conversation! Looking forward to learning with all of you!


Reform Symposium Free Virtual Conference

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