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Meet Me at Midnight

What it is: As I said yesterday, the Smithsonian is a wealth of outstanding online activities and interactives.  Meet Me at Midnight is an interactive adventure/comic book that takes place in the Smithsonian Art Museum.  Through this fun mystery adventure, students are introduced to American art and Artists from the Smithsonian collection.  Students are taken on adventures as they explore each item in the Root Monster’s treasure chest.  The coyote teaches about sculpture, the headless horseman about landscape, and the ballerina about light.  As students go through the adventures they will pick up art terminology.  Each story takes place in five galleries: media, technique, design, purpose, and culture.   Students will play art games and puzzles to find clues about where the artwork in the treasure chest should be returned to. How to integrate Meet Me at Midnight into the classroom: Meet Me at Midnight is a fantastic interactive game for third to fifth grade students.  The reading throughout the interactive is appropriate for 8-11 year old readers.  To me, Meet Me at Midnight feels like a fun graphic novel/comic book adventure that students can interact in.  The interactive takes time to get all the way through, once students get to certain points in the interactive, they can stop and get a code that they can plug in the next time they visit the site.  They will pick up right where they left off.   Meet Me at Midnight is a good way to pique students interest in art.  There is a lot of good learning embedded in the games and puzzles.  Because there is so much reading on this site, it would make a good reading center/thinking activity on classroom computers.  Meet Me at Midnight is really best played individually in a computer lab setting, but I think students would also enjoy playing together in a whole class setting using a projector-connected computer or interactive whiteboard. If your class takes a field trip to your local art museum, this site is a must visit prior to the field trip.  It will give students common language about what they see at the museum and students can complete the accompanying Kids Activity guide.  If a field trip to the art museum is out of the question, use this site as part of a virtual field trip experience for your students. Tips: Are you taking your family on a trip to the art museum this summer; start your art adventure by visiting Meet Me at Midnight! Please leave a comment and share how you are using Meet Me at Midnight in your classroom.

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The Very Best Use of a Weekend: #RSCON4

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I am SO excited for this weekend.  It is the Reform Symposium Conference!!!  Seriously, I feel a little bit giddy.  Like a child on Christmas morning.  As an adult, RSCON is one of the things that can bring back the same feelings of anticipation and eagerness.  So much learning is about to happen this weekend!  Best of all, it is INSPIRED learning.  What could be better than surrounding yourself with a weekend packed full of inspiration, learning, hope, edu-friends and encouragement? Nothing, that’s what.

In case you’ve been out of the loop in the world of social media lately, this is BIG!  You will not want to miss this FREE worldwide virtual conference.  It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, what you are wearing, how disastrous (or epic) your week was, because RSCON4 is available to everyone.  Please look at the schedule (conveniently made available in your preferred timezone) and plan to join us for as much of the conference as you can.  I’m overjoyed that I get to be a part of this incredible conference again.  Although I’ve been the very WORST organizer, I’m truly so honored to be a part of something so important.

I’ll be presenting on Sunday with @michellek107 and @nancybabbitt, we will share a little bit of the “secret” sauce that makes Anastasis so awesome. Drop in and join the conversation.  Better yet: drop in to several sessions and join the conversation! Looking forward to learning with all of you!


Reform Symposium Free Virtual Conference

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