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Internet Safety with Professor Garfield

What it is: Professor Garfield has offered an array of interactive games and activities for kids.  I learned from blog Educadores Digitales that he has now teamed up with the Virginia Department of Education and the Office of the Attorney General of Virginia to help students protect themselves online.  Internet Safety with Professor Garfield is offering lessons on online safety, cyberbullying, and coming soon: fact or opinion and forms of media.  Each lesson is composed of three parts, watch, try, and apply.  In the “watch” section, students watch a video starring Garfield and his friends.  The video teaches an important Internet safety lesson.  In the “try it” section, students are given a chance to play a game that checks for understanding and redirects thinking if students missed a concept.  In the “apply it” section, students help a character from the video to make wise Internet safety decisions.   How to integrate Internet Safety with Professor Garfield into the classroom: This is an excellent place for elementary students to begin learning about how to keep themselves safe online.  I make it a point to visit Internet safety throughout the school year.  I always start out my year with a few weeks that are focused on and dedicated to Internet safety.  I make a big deal of the activities that take place during those weeks.  At the end of the Internet safety unit, my students take an interactive quiz (usually using our ActivVote system) so that I can gauge their understanding.  Each student must pass this quiz in order to receive their Internet drivers license for the year.  Professor Garfield’s Internet Safety is the perfect addition to the Internet safety week.  The videos and activities are fabulous!  Revisit the site throughout the year so that students are reminded of the safety rules they agreed to follow at the beginning of the year.  I find that mid-year students start to get critical of each other.  The name calling and bullying seems to start up every February.  This is a great time to reintroduce Cyberbullying, and the lesson on Professor Garfield is a great way to do this. In the lab setting, each student can go through these lessons at their own pace. Students will receive immediate feedback from the activities if they have any misunderstandings. If you are a classroom teacher without a regular computer lab time, use an interactive whiteboard or projector to watch the videos as a class.  During the try and apply, turn the questions into a class discussion and choose the answers together. Tips: Internet Safety with Professor Garfield has lesson plans and unit quizzes, an Internet safety certificate that can be printed at the end of the unit, and a printable poster for your classroom to remind students how to stay safe online. Please leave a comment and share how you are using Internet Safety with Professor Garfield in your classroom.

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Eliademy: Democratizing education with technology

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ilearn Technology: Eliademy- Democratizing education with technology

What it is: Eliademy has a wonderful mission of democratizing education with technology.  The tool makes it easy for anyone to create an online classroom, for free!  Eliademy makes it easy for educators to create, share and manage courses.  Eliademy is a free learning management system and course content created by you.  Educators can engage students through discussion boards, videos, images, news feeds, visual notifications and calendar with a fast and easy to use interface.  Eliademy is available everywhere: Mac, PC, tablet, smart phone. Very handy!  Even better, you can create a course from your tablet (not available in a lot of LMS/online classroom options).

How to integrate Eliademy into your classroom: Eliademy isn’t just for offering distance-learning.  It is a great way to connect your students in new and awesome ways in a blended-learning environment.  Keep all of your digital classroom resources in one, easy-to access place.  Make sure that your students can always be connected to what is happening in class with a shared calendar. Extend classroom discussions with discussion boards, video, and news feeds.

I’ve long been a fan of blending online experiences with offline.  Students begin to see that learning can happen anywhere, not just in your classroom.  They also connect in different ways online.  I’ve found that kids are willing to have deeper, more vulnerable conversations in an online environment.  This is especially true when the relationships are established first in the classroom.

Host your “flipped” materials using Eliademy.  Not only can students access video, they can extend the experience with access to additional classroom materials, the ability to discuss and share resources online, etc.

Challenge students to create their own course to share.  What are they passionate about?  What can they offer to teach others?

Tips: Eliademy makes the promise that it will always be secure, without advertisements, and free.  Outstanding.

What do you think of Eliademy?  How do you plan to use it in your classroom?

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Hi, I am from India, and engaged in IT Training business (both Software and Hardware/ Networking) for last 20 years. My training model is primarily classroom teaching. How can I benefit from Eliademy? Can we synergise our resources to build something mutually beneficial?

Would look forward to your response.

Warm Regards,

Hello Mr. Gurvinder. Greetings from the support team of Eliademy.

We just saw your comment on this very good website and we would like to contact you to answer your questions. Feel free to send us an email to info@eliademy.com to explain how Eliademy can be perfectly adapted to the business world and thereby, to your company.

The Eliademy team

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