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Broken hard drive = fail

So after a few hours at the Genius Bar it was confirmed that my machine really was dead (at least for the time being). Apparently my hard drive failed and it caused the computer to be in a constant state of restarts without ever actually starting. Thank goodness for Apple Care and the good people at Apple and 2.5 hours later my computer is as good as new with a brand spankin’ new hard drive and a receipt that says my total is $0. I ask you, if you have to have a bum computer is there anything better than having an Apple?! I think not! So happily I am back and ready to share some great ideas for you to store up for the next school year As a side note, I love that the Apple store had internet so that I could write a short post yesterday while I was waiting for my Genius in shining armor Matt.

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Summer Learning: reading, creativity apps, serving with kids

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If you are an educator, you are aware of the dreaded “summer slide.” Summer break is a much-needed change of pace for educators, but unfortunately it can mean two months without any reading, learning, exploring, etc. For some kids, summer means hours spent in front of the TV, outside play (which is happy!), or hours spent trying to beat the next level of Flappy Bird. Many parents feel ill-equipped, or at a loss for how to keep their kids learning over the summer.

I created the following publication, “a thing or two,” for Anastasis families. I thought that you all might enjoy it as well! Please feel free to pass this on to your own students and families. In this issue there are ideas for summer reading, a review of my favorite 3 creativity apps, and service learning ideas for the summer.


Happy Learning!

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