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Friday Recap: packed full of inspiration and freebies

This is a SPECIAL Friday because for many of you, it represents the kick off to the holiday season and a little vacation time. Here is a recap of what I’ve been up to when I haven’t been blogging at iLearn Technology: Tales 2 Go has a special FREE subscription for teachers happening right now, hurry your buns over there and download it now!  All the details are on my other blog iPad Curriculum. Send Felicity is inspiring imagination and creativity right now, head over for some MAGIC this holiday season (FREE of course ).  Again, details are on my iPad Curriculum blog.  Send Felicity is a must visit even if you don’t have an iDevice, the creativity is available to everyone! Education Doesn’t Need Any More Nip Tuck: Our Normal Approach is Useless Here a post about re-imagining education on my blog of Dreams of Education. Hijacked Words is a post about the “Digital Native” and “Digital Immigrant” on my blog Dreams of Education. Isn’t There Anyone Who Knows What Education is All About? a post on Dreams of Education inspired by A Charlie Brown Christmas. Don’t forget to check out the FREE ebook that was released this week: The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators. This ebook is absolutely packed full of excellent ideas for k-12 (including ELL!).  The ebook is not to be missed.  If you want to give your colleagues a great gift without breaking the bank, share this ebook with them! The December issue of Project PLN is out!  Be sure to check out these web favorites submitted by educators. January’s Project PLN topic: Every new year brings a new commitment to who we are. We set goals to accomplish to make ourselves better people. In education, it is no different. We want to know what your goals are for making education better for you, your students and everyone around you. Education reform is going to continue to be a hot topic, so let’s show the world what teachers are going to do help. Feel free to contact though email projectpln10@gmail.com or Twitter @projectPLN. We would love to have your thoughts ready to share by January 8th. Thanks again for your continued support of Project PLN.We hope you enjoy the holiday season.

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Summer Learning: reading, creativity apps, serving with kids

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If you are an educator, you are aware of the dreaded “summer slide.” Summer break is a much-needed change of pace for educators, but unfortunately it can mean two months without any reading, learning, exploring, etc. For some kids, summer means hours spent in front of the TV, outside play (which is happy!), or hours spent trying to beat the next level of Flappy Bird. Many parents feel ill-equipped, or at a loss for how to keep their kids learning over the summer.

I created the following publication, “a thing or two,” for Anastasis families. I thought that you all might enjoy it as well! Please feel free to pass this on to your own students and families. In this issue there are ideas for summer reading, a review of my favorite 3 creativity apps, and service learning ideas for the summer.


Happy Learning!

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