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  What it is:  cl1p is a great little web tool that you and your students are going to love.  cl1p lets you copy and paste between computers in three easy steps making it simple to share things between home and school or when working with a partner.  The first step is to create a url that starts out with http://cl1p.net.  Then click “Show me my cl1p” and you can add images, text, and even upload files that can be saved for 8 days and viewed on any other computer straight from the web browser.  Think of cl1p as a web based clipboard where you are copying and pasting from one computer to another. How to integrate cl1p into the classroom:  If you work in a computer lab, library, or anywhere there is a computer, I’m sure that you have heard the words “I forgot my flash drive” or “can I print this out, I don’t have time to read it now?”  cl1p is a handy little tool that can be used from any web browser where students can quickly copy and paste text, images, or url’s  and access them easily later from another web browser.  This is handy for getting a lot of information from the school computer to the home computer without having to remember to bring home the flash drive and bring it back the next day.  It perfect for students doing research as a group, each group member can add content and access all research from a shared point at their cl1p url from any web browser.  This is also a great site for teachers to send things between the home and school computer and making it easily accessible to colleagues.   Tips:  The only downfall of cl1p?  Your url is only good for 7 days, so for long-term research projects or those times when you don’t intend to use the information right away, this isn’t the best tool to use.   Leave a comment and tell us how you are using cl1p in your classroom.

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 Some school years start out much bumpier than others.  This year has definitely been a bumpy one for me.  Nothing seems to be working the way it should, the kids are disappointed that in the first 4 weeks of school they have not had computers available in computer class.  I am feeling frustrated at the lost teaching time (so many things to fit into a 35 min. once a week class!)  This weekend one of my professors from my college (Colorado Christian University) days spoke at church.   Sid Buzzel was/is one of the most influential educators in my life and one the I deeply respect.  He came to teach about education.  It was exactly what I needed, I loved hearing his passion for education and his explanation to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, children why he is an educator.  He reminded me of why I am an educator.  I miss being taught on a regular basis by Sid.  The church recorded Sid’s inspirationalwords.  I highly recommend this podcast.   I’m sure it won’t take long to figure out why this man made such an impact on me and my teaching career.  I’m ready to press on through the problems and teach my students…with or without computers! :)  Take a break, put your feet up and get renewed.  Let me know what you think and tell us about the influential educators in your world.   

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