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It is a beautiful Friday in Colorado, the beginning crispness of fall is just breaking through the summer heat.  I hope you all had a wonderful week. Here is a recap of what I have been up to when I’m not blogging here: Break Free of the Box- a Dreams of Education post about what school currently looks like, and my vision of what school should look like. When Hunches Collide- a Dreams of Education post about some hunches I have about education, things I have been thinking about but haven’t totally figured out yet.  I could use your help on that post! The obligation to desert mediocrity: Waiting for Robin Hood– a Dreams of Education post about the current state of education and teachers who look more like Robin Hood than Superman. LearnBoost Gradebook– A post on iPad Curriculum, LearnBoost is a free gradebook and classroom management system that is online and can be used from any web browser as well as on the iPad. New lessons posted this week– Technology and Character Education: A lesson in empathy. Don’t forget to enter the EdTech UNconference contest to win a year long pass…a $200 value! Don’t forget to Change the World!

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Group Table

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What it is: GroupTable is a web-based software and success network developed specifically to help student groups improve document management, project planning and communication.”  Group Table helps students stay organized with all of their group projects and study groups in one place.  Students can see all of their groups in one place including any file uploads, posts, tasks, upcoming events and more.  Each student and group has their own binder on Group Table that allows them to organize, store and share word documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in one easy-to-use location.  Group Table has the ability to create to do lists and assign tasks or remind others about upcoming events.  Each group gets a dedicated chat room and discussion board with Group Table making collaboration and communication simple and efficient.  This site was created by college students for students.  Although the target audience is high school and college age students, Group Table could be effectively used in the secondary elementary classroom and the middle school classroom.


How to integrate Group Table into the classroom:   For high school and college students, Group Table is a great site to introduce students to for their own group creation.  Secondary elementary and middle school students would benefit from a teacher led group on Group Table.  This is a great way to introduce your students to effective collaboration, communication, and 21st century literacy skills.  It is essential that students learn how to collaborate on projects using web 2.0 technologies and Group Table provides the perfect space to practice.


Tips:   Teachers, create a study group for your classroom that your students can join.


Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Group Table in your classroom.

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