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33 Space Websites to Celebrate the Launch of Endeavour

Did your students get to see the shuttle launch this morning?  What a great way to start a Monday!  Seeing a launch never gets old for me, there is always a sense of wonder and anticipation during count down and launch.  To celebrate the launch of Endeavour, I thought I would share some of my favorite space websites.  In no particular order: 1. We Choose the Moon- An interactive that drops students right into history where they get to witness, and take part in, the Apollo 11 launch and mission. 2. NASA Clickable Spacesuit- An interactive for students to learn about the parts of a spacesuit. 3. Planet Quest: Alien Safari- An interactive exploration adventure that encourages students to find bizarre and extreme organisms that live on Earth. 4. Eyes on Earth 3D- Lets students track missions as they are happening with the satellites that are collecting information about Earth from space. 5. Moon Zoo- Gives students the chance to study the lunar surface while contributing to real science. 6. NASA @ Home and City- Students explore 3D environments where they discover common household and city items that have roots in space exploration. 7. Solar System Scope- A 3D real-time look at celestial positions with planets and constellations in the night sky. 8. NASA’s 50th Anniversary Flash Feature- Best. Website. Ever. An incredible interactive timeline that highlights each decade in the United States space program from 1950 to 2000. 9. European Space Agency- Kid-friendly information about the universe, life in space, lift off, useful space, earth, and more. 10. NASA’s Be a Martian- Students virtually explore and learn about the human-robotic partnership that makes virtual exploration of Mars possible. 11. NASA Space Place- Fun online games, animations, projects, and fun facts about Earth, space and technology. 12. NASA Interactive Timeline-  A multimedia timeline that begins in 500BC and follows the search for extrasolar planets to modern discoveries. 13. Moon in Google Earth-  Take tours of landing sites narrated by Apollo astronauts, view 3D models of landed spacecraft, zoom into 360* photos of astronaut footprints and watch rate footage of the Apollo missions. 14. NASA Images- Find amazing images of the universe, solar system, earth, aeronautics and astronauts. 15. Google Sky- Students get up close and personal with the solar system, constellations, the Hubble Telescope, backyard astronomy, Chandra X-ray Showcase, GALEX Ultraviolet Showcase and the Spitzer infrared Showcase. 16. Buzz Lightyear in Orbit- Teaches students about the next space mission with Atlantis. 17. Station Spacewalk Game- Play the role of an astronaut and repair the ISS. 18. NASA 101- Learn about what NASA does. 19. NASA Anatomy: How Space Technology Improves Human Health- Students learn about how NASA impacts daily life and health. 20. Apollo 11 Launch- Step into the moonshoes of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong while discovering the lunar landing. 21. Spooky Space Sounds- Listen to real sounds from space. 22. Hubble Celebrates 20 years- View imagery from the Hubble Telescope and learn about history of the Hubble. 23. Galaxy Zoo- Explore the universe and really help scientists. 24. Climate Time Machine- Take an interactive tour through Earth’s climate history. 25. NASA Edge- Students look behind the scenes at NASA with entertaining and informative videos. 26. NASA 360*- Learn about NASA’s past, present and future and how NASA has improved life on earth with these videos. 27. NASA e-clips- Learn about innovative applications of science, technology, , engineering and math through short NASA videos. 28. TEDx NASA- Inspiring talks from TEDx NASA. 29. NASA @ Twitter- Students can follow NASA on Twitter to get up-to-date information on space exploration and discovery. 30. Your Age on Other Worlds- Students can find out how old they would be on other planets. 31. iWas Wondering Astro Game- A scavenger hunt in outer space. 32. Study Jams Solar System- Students view a video and slide show about the solar system. 33. Pipo Club- Travel through the Universe with Pipo.  

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How Toons

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What it is:  How Toons is like an Instructables site for kids.  Kids learn through cartoons and videos how things work and how to make things.  This is kind of a How It’s Made website for kids.  Topics include science, space, nature, events, and a how to section.  The cartoons illustrate a concept and accompanying videos expand on the concept. 

How to integrate How Toons into the classroom:   How Toons is an excellent site to excite your students about science.  Share a How Toons with your students and then explore the science behind it together.  Use a How Toons as inspiration, after viewing How Toons, students can create their own cartoon on any topic being studied in class.  How Toons are great for teaching kids how to follow step by step instructions and would also be useful for teaching them how to create their own instructions.


Tips:  How Toons would be a fun RSS feed to subscribe to as a class!


Leave a comment and tell us how you are using How Toons in your classroom.

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