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Block Poster

What it is: Block Poster is a neat site that I learned about on Twitter. Block Poster lets you choose any image, choose how many sheets of paper wide you would like your poster to be, and then creates a pdf file of your new image that is blown up.  The result is a massive pixel poster to hang on a bulletin board or the walls of your classroom. How to integrate Block Poster into the classroom: It can be difficult to find good technology posters that relate to my classroom.  I was thrilled when I learned about Block Poster.  Any image can be turned into a poster that can be printed on any printer!  So cool!  Create posters with unique messages for your classroom, posters that include the names of your students, or motivational posters.  I am currently creating a Wordle message for my classroom that will be made into a poster using Block Poster…I’m pretty excited about it! Tips: The smaller the image is to begin with, the more pixellated the full size poster will be.  This can be a neat look! Leave a comment and share how you are using Block Poster in your classroom.

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How Toons

Posted by admin | Posted in Fun & Games, inspiration, Middle/High School, Science, Secondary Elementary, Websites | Posted on 09-02-2009

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What it is:  How Toons is like an Instructables site for kids.  Kids learn through cartoons and videos how things work and how to make things.  This is kind of a How It’s Made website for kids.  Topics include science, space, nature, events, and a how to section.  The cartoons illustrate a concept and accompanying videos expand on the concept. 

How to integrate How Toons into the classroom:   How Toons is an excellent site to excite your students about science.  Share a How Toons with your students and then explore the science behind it together.  Use a How Toons as inspiration, after viewing How Toons, students can create their own cartoon on any topic being studied in class.  How Toons are great for teaching kids how to follow step by step instructions and would also be useful for teaching them how to create their own instructions.


Tips:  How Toons would be a fun RSS feed to subscribe to as a class!


Leave a comment and tell us how you are using How Toons in your classroom.

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