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What it is: You may have noticed that iLearn technology has a brand new look. In the past, I have used iWeb to create and update my blog. However, as I added more and more posts, my MacBook Pro started getting bogged down by the enormity of it. I needed a solution… enter WordPress. WordPress is a free online blogging tool that makes my life simpler because it is easy to use and can be edited and updated online. Now my blog is portable! I can update anywhere that the mood strikes (provided that I have Internet access). I also have some new features. Check out the categories! If you are looking for a specific technology idea, narrow it down by searching through the categories. My RSS feed is also working…finally! So much to celebrate. Check out WordPress for your own blogging needs. How to integrate WordPress into the classroom: WordPress makes it easy to create your own classroom blog. Blog about your classroom. Parents will love to read a daily synopsis of what their child has been working on in class. Turn your weekly newsletter into a blog. Parents and students can access past newsletters quickly and easily with the WordPress categories. You can also use classroom blogs to blog about different themes and units you may be studying. Working on a space unit? Use the blog to continue classroom discussions. Students can leave comments right on your blog! Create a blog about a book that your class is reading together. You can write posts about different characters, genres, etc. and your students can leave their comments about each. This is web2.0 at its finest! Tips: Don’t be discouraged if you have never blogged before. WordPress will guide you every step of the way with print outs and online tutorials and guides.    

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The Tweet to Beat: Paying $3 per Twitter Follower

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What it is: Twitter is an amazing networking tool.  If you aren’t currently using Twitter, today is the day my friend!  If you aren’t familiar with Twitter take a look at my prior posts here or watch the Common Craft video above.  The Tweet to Beat: Paying $3 per Twitter follower is an “ethical bribe” to get people to follow Tim Ferris on Twitter.  Here’s how it works: for every new Twitter follower Tim gets before March 23, 2009, he will donate $1 to Donorschoose.org.  An anonymous supporter will then donate $2 for every dollar that Tim donates.  This means that for every follower of Tim, $3 are donated.  What is the donation going toward?  US Public School classrooms!  The goal is to directly help 25,000 US public school students in low income and high need areas in two weeks time.  I LOVE this idea!  After seeing what is happening with our stimulus money (going to AIG for bonuses and cutting back on education), I think creative ideas like The Tweet to Beat are going to be the catalyst for change in this world!

How to integrate The Tweet to Beat: Paying $3 per Twitter Follower into the classroom: This is such a simple idea and yet the impact could be significant.  You can integrate Tweet to Beat into your classroom in a few ways.  First, if you are on Twitter, follow Tim today (go ahead you can do it right now, I’ll wait).  Second, if your students are on Twitter, encourage them to follow Tim.  Third, use Tweet to Beat as a real world math problem.  Ask questions such as how many followers does Tim need to raise $50,000?  $150,000.  Last, give older students (who have Facebook accounts) a homework assignment to post this story on their Facebook page to get others involved.  


Tips:  Twitter is a great way to communicate with families, build a personal learning network (PLN), communicate with other students around the world, and network.  You can follow me on Twitter by clicking here


Leave a comment and tell us how you are using The Tweet to Beat  in your classroom.

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Very cool!!!!! What an amazing idea.

Hi Kelly~

Since you are my hero :-) I am now on Twitter. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile and your blog post was the motivation I needed. Anyone else you recommend I follow to get some good ideas for my Elementary Mac Lab?

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