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Magnetic Poetry

    What it is:  Magnetic Poetry is a virtual edition of magnetic fridge poetry.  Students can choose from four kits to create their ‘magnetic’ poem.  There is Kids Kit, First Words, Best Friends, and Storymaker.  After students have chosen a kit they can choose from three backgrounds for their poetry (refrigerator, locker, or whiteboard).  Students are given a virtual tub of words to choose from that they can drag, arrange, and rearrange to create a poem or story.  When they are finished, students can send their Magnetic Poetry to an email address or save it for later viewing on the site. How to integrate Magnetic Poetry into the classroom:  Magnetic Poetry is a great site to use in April as part of national poetry month.  This site is wonderful for those students who are hindered by spelling (you know the students who will only write with words they know how to spell).  Students can pull from the word bank of words to create a story or poem that can be saved, sent to an email address, or printed out as a draft and turned into a published piece.  This would be a fun website to use with the whole class and an interactive whiteboard, encourage your students to take turns adding words to a class poem or story.  This would also make a great center activity for students to visit and create with during the week.     Tips:  If a student saves their poem, they are granting permission for the site to use their poem as a possible example on the site or on packaging.    Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Magnetic Poetry in your classroom.

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Posts, posts, and more posts!

Posted by admin | Posted in General | Posted on 30-03-2009

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Last week was my spring break, after enjoying a week off I find that my browsers are full of open tabs of sites that I was exploring.  In an effort to close some tabs and keep my Google Notebook from bursting at the seams, I am going to post several ideas for integrating technology into your classroom today.  Enjoy!

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