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Math Nook: Counting Money

What it is: Math Nook is a website with a collection of great flash based math games.  Counting Money is a fun little game from this website.  In this game students man a cash register and are given a target number to give change for.  This game allows for multiple solutions.  For example, if the target is ten cents, students could give a dime, two nickels, or ten pennies.  Any of these answers would be considered correct.  Target numbers are given in number and written form (0.10 and ten cents). How to integrate Math Nook: Counting Money into the classroom: Counting Money would make a great math center on classroom computers.  Students can take turns manning the cash register.  Keep a class tally of the high score for this game and see how high the students can go.  If you have an interactive whiteboard, students could take turns returning change.  After the student at the board gives the solution, ask students what other coin combinations would have worked to solve the problem.  You could also turn Counting Money into a whole class game by splitting your class into teams and keeping score separately. Tips: Thanks to @cwebbtech for sending me the ad free version of this game! Update: The ad free version URL does not always work so I changed the links back to the ad supported version. Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Math Nook: Counting Money  in your classroom.

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Posted by admin | Posted in General | Posted on 30-03-2009

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Last week was my spring break, after enjoying a week off I find that my browsers are full of open tabs of sites that I was exploring.  In an effort to close some tabs and keep my Google Notebook from bursting at the seams, I am going to post several ideas for integrating technology into your classroom today.  Enjoy!

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