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Friday Recap

Happy Friday!  I have been busy this week and want to share what I have been up to when I am not blogging here. Solar Walk 3D- 3D Solar System model on my blog iPad Curriculum is a great app for discovering the Solar System. Math BINGO on my blog iPad Curriculum is a fun app for practicing math facts. eduPad on my blog iPad Curriculum a platform where teachers can create iPad/iPhone/iPod apps for free without knowing how to code. eduPad takes care of all the hard stuff and you get 20% of all app sales. IceBerg kids on my blog iPad Curriculum an eReader for beginner and emergent readers. Incomplete Thoughts my reflection on Sir Ken Robinson’s RSA animate video on my blog Dreams of Education Twitter Academy- I’m starting a school…check out the details and help out if you can! Guest Post on Inspired Classroom: 34 Free Productivity Tools That Will Help You Eliminate Expensive Software Article on The Apple: 12 Tools for Blended Learning Whew! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Posts, posts, and more posts!

Posted by admin | Posted in General | Posted on 30-03-2009

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Last week was my spring break, after enjoying a week off I find that my browsers are full of open tabs of sites that I was exploring.  In an effort to close some tabs and keep my Google Notebook from bursting at the seams, I am going to post several ideas for integrating technology into your classroom today.  Enjoy!

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