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What it is:  Artopia is an interactive website that lets students learn more about and interact with different mediums of art virtually.  “Students can closely examine important works of art and take part in activities that teach about styles, principles and processes of each art form. They can write about the artworks online, collect art cards in a virtual portfolio and view videos of professional artists at work. Teachers may exhibit their students’ artwork in a virtual gallery and both students and teachers can communicate with other artists in an online message board.”  Artopia teaches students about dance, media arts, music, painting, sculpture, and theater.  This is an outstanding addition to an art classroom!

How to integrate Artopia into the classroom: Artopia is a nice addition to any classroom.  The site can be used to develop a greater appreciation for the arts.  Students can be recognized and encouraged in their own art in the sites online art gallery.   Artopia introduces students to important works of art and teaches them how to think about art.  This site would be wonderful for working on critical thinking skills, creativity, and innovation.  


Tips:  Check out the Teacher Resources for lesson plans using Artopia in your classroom.  Pass this site on to an art teacher, they will be thankful you did!


Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Artopia in your classroom.

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  1. I’m thinking about having K-1 students look at books in various styles, such as watercolor for instance. Then they could do a watercolor picture themselves like one in one of the books. Is this a site that could be useful to teach them more about art styles? I’ll have to explore this one. Thanks for the information.

  2. Excellent posts! I just stumbled on your blog when looking for Ed Tech blogs. You have collected some cool looking tools. I even checked a couple out (online of course). I don’t know if you use (and posted) Google Earth, but my co-worker does workshops when school kids comes into the university for day-trips. They love it and always learn something on-the-fly.
    Good work!

    Sujan –

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