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Dr. Arbor Talks Trees

What it is: Dr. Arbor Talks Trees focuses on tree anatomy and physiology.  Students will learn some of the basic inner workings of trees, how trees grow and develop, the many uses of trees and their bi-products, and some basic chemical principles.  The website is designed for 6th through 8th grade students (although I think it is appropriate for 4th grade). How to integrate Dr. Arbor Talks Trees into the classroom: Dr. Arbor is the guide through this interactive website.  Students learn all about trees and their inner workings through a series of activities.  This is a great site to use for Arbor day, but the topic is appropriate year-round as part of the science curriculum.  The website could be used with the whole class on an interactive whiteboard or projector, or navigated by students individually in the computer lab setting. Tips: There are great free resources on this site, be sure to check them out! Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Dr. Arbor Talks Trees in your classroom.

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iLearn ezine debut

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Well, I had planned to have this issue of iLearn completed months ago….better late than never!  This issue has articles about 21st century literacy, iPods in education, technology lesson plans, 100+ of the best FREE educational apps for the iPod, and tips for managing a computer lab.

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This looks like a great site. Keep it coming!

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