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Telescopic Text

  What it is:   Telescopic Text is a very simple website that could be very handy in the language arts classroom.  The site starts off with a very simple sentence: I made tea.  Each time you click on a word, the sentence expands adding adjectives, adverbs, and makes the sentence more interesting. How to integrate Telescopic Text into the classroom:  Use Telescopic Text to teach your students about creative, descriptive writing and how to improve writing with descriptive words.  Compare and contrast what students knew about the sentence “I made tea.” at the beginning and how each addition of words helped them understand more about the original statement.  This can be done as a whole class using an interactive whiteboard or a computer with a projector.  Students can take turns clicking on words to expand the statement with discussion after each addition.  This is a great exercise to use before writing.  Have the students write their own simple sentence and expand it into a story with the addition of descriptive words.     Tips:  The highlighted words are those that can be expanded by clicking.   Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Telescopic Text in your classroom.

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iLearn ezine debut

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Well, I had planned to have this issue of iLearn completed months ago….better late than never!  This issue has articles about 21st century literacy, iPods in education, technology lesson plans, 100+ of the best FREE educational apps for the iPod, and tips for managing a computer lab.

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This looks like a great site. Keep it coming!

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