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Keyboard Climber

What it is: Keyboarding is a necessary evil in the computer classroom.  I say this because truly mastering touch typing takes practice, a lot of it.  However, I don’t want to spend all my class time in the computer lab teaching kids to type.  There is SO much more that our brand new iMacs...

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iLearn Technology Promethean flipcharts offer a variety of interactive learning opportunities for your students.  Next to each flipchart, you will find a description of the flipchart and a recommended grade level.   Flipcharts can be viewed on any computer or interactive whiteboard with the ActivInspire software.  You can learn more and download a free personal version of the software here.

Computer Lab Expectations Flipchart

Use this flipchart the first week of school to walk students through the rules of the computer lab.  Students will write down what they think the expectations mean.  This flipchart can be used with the Jigsaw Planet Tech Rules/RUP lesson.

Grades: 1st- 5th

Price: Free


el/le Endings Flipchart

A 9 page flipchart about when to use le or el endings.  Student interaction includes highlighting, revealing answers, and writing.

Grade Level: 2nd-3rd

Price: Free


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