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Send Anywhere- share files between mobile and non-mobile devices

What it is: Send anywhere is a super handy app for iDevices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) or Android devices.  With it, you can share photos, videos, contacts or any other file easily with other iPhone/iPad, Android, or website.  There is no user account to create, simply enter the one-time key that...

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Wiimote Whiteboard

Build an interactive whiteboard using a projector, Wiimote, and these 3 easy steps.

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iLearn ebook

A magazine for educators who use Macs.

In this issue: Leopard, iWork ’08, Reading Buddies, 10 Time Savers, Photo Booth

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iLearn ebook vol. 2

A magazine for educators who use Macs.

In this issue: Mobile Learning, top 100+ free apps for the iPod, 21st century literacy, digital storytelling.

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Pages ’09 Toolbox

A quick guide for getting the most out of Pages ’09

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I have/Who has Contraction Game

A printable card game for practicing contractions.  Students each receive a card. Standing in a circle, the first student reads their “I have” statement followed by asking “who has”.  The student holding the matching contraction answers with their “I have” statement followed by “who has.” Play continues until all students have been matched.

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Winter Olympics Lesson

Students celebrate the Winter Olympics with this fun lesson using Shidonni.

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