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I am so excited!  The Reform Symposium Virtual Conference is just around the corner.  The line up of Keynote speakers and presenters couldn’t be better and we are putting the finishing touches on making sure the conference goes without a hitch.  If you are planning to attend the...

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Privacy Playground

Posted by admin | Posted in Internet Safety, Secondary Elementary, Teacher Resources, Websites | Posted on 04-09-2007

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What it is: Privacy Playground- The First Adventure of the Three Cyber Pigs is a game designed for ages 8-10. In the game, the Cyber Pigs play on their favorite website and encounter marketing ploys, spam, and a close encounter with an unfriendly wolf. (Think the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf in cyber space.)

How to integrate Privacy Playground into the classroom: The purpose of the Privacy Playground game is to teach kids how to spot online marketing strategies, protect their personal information and avoid online predators. This is a great game to use in the classroom to reinforce Internet safety. Use this game before students use the Internet extensively in class. Play the game throughout the year to remind students of important Internet safety rules.

Tips: The teacher’s guide explains how to play the game, gives background information on the issues of online marketing, spam, and children’s privacy and also provides activities and handouts for use in the classroom.



Secrets @ Sea

Posted by admin | Posted in Science, Secondary Elementary, Social Studies, Teacher Resources, Websites | Posted on 03-09-2007

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What it is: Secrets @ Sea is the worlds first online ocean adventure learning game. This curriculum based adventure story is targeted for 4th through 7th grade students. The engaging website game complements ocean-theme units of study and enhances students learning experiences using the Internet. Student play the starring role of “Ace”, assistant investigator to Paula Pacific, who is assigned to examine unusual behaviors noticed in killer whale populations in the Alanamorris Strait. As Ace progress through the story, s(he) must successfully complete a number of ocean-related learning activities. The knowledge gained from completing these activities leads the student to the solution of the case.

How to integrate Secrets @ Sea into the classroom: There are four main ocean themes to complement units of study, marine mammals and food webs; salmon, herring and plankton; tides, oceans and mapping; and features of the ocean floor, currents. Individual sections can be completed during a typical classroom computer lab session (30-45 minutes), or all sections can be played together in a longer session. Students can work through the site individually or with the entire class, in partners, or in small groups.

Tips: Visit the Teachers Guide for an overview, introduction, important features, a break down of chapters, learning outcomes, technical specs, extension activities, and engaging science.



Student Treasures

Posted by admin | Posted in Language Arts, Primary Elementary, Secondary Elementary, Teacher Resources | Posted on 31-08-2007

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What it is: Student Treasures is a free publisher that will publish student work into bound books. This program is highly motivating for students because they see their work result in a 4-color, hard bound, professionally published book.

How to integrate Student Treasures into the classroom: Use Student Treasures as a motivational tool. Students can write individual or class stories to be published. Use a word processor for the final copy that will be published. This is a great tool for teaching writing as students will have to go through each step of the writing process and learn how to use a word processor proficiently.

Tips: If you do not have a word processor, see the Archives for free tools.



Inspired Learning

Posted by admin | Posted in Language Arts, Math, Phonics, Primary Elementary, Science, Secondary Elementary, Social Studies, Software, Teacher Resources | Posted on 30-08-2007

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What it is: Inspired learning is a collection of lesson plans and ideas for using visual software such as Inspiration, and Kidspiration in the classroom.

How to integrate Inspired Learning into your curriculum: Use Inspired Learning for ideas and lessons to integrate visual software into the classroom. If you don’t already have visual, mind mapping software, you can download Free Mind open source (free) software to use with the lessons and ideas.

Tips: Click on the Educators Resource page on Inspired Learning for a free trial version of Inspiration and Kidspiration.



Airtight Interactive

Posted by admin | Posted in Language Arts, Primary Elementary, Science, Secondary Elementary, Social Studies, Web2.0 | Posted on 29-08-2007

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What it is: Airtight Interactive is a Flickr connected program that allows students to search a word and see various other words associated with the initial word.

How to integrate Airtight Interactive into your curriculum: Use Airtight Interactive to build word maps for association. When students are given a new vocabulary word, they can create a map using software such as Inspiration with a definition, synonyms, antonyms and the word used in a sentence. Airtight will give students a starting point to understand how words are associated.

Tips: Be sure to search words that students will search before letting them loose on Airtight Interactive. Because Airtight is Flickr connected, pictures aren’t always school appropriate.




Posted by admin | Posted in Interactive book, Language Arts, Open Source, Phonics, Primary Elementary, Secondary Elementary, Software, Teacher Resources, Web2.0 | Posted on 28-08-2007

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What it is: A podcast is a digital media recording that can be saved on and distributed over the Internet.

How to use Podcasting in your classroom: Use a podcast to record students reading. This can be used for reading records, for pronunciation, and reading fluency. Students, teachers, and parents can listen to reading records recorded over the course of the school year for fluency and progress made. Podcasts can also be used to share news with students and families, guest speakers, student presentations, student produced podcasts, lessons, assessment, digital stories, motivation, auditory learners, celebrating student work, interactive media center, a tool to help struggling students, to provide a “window” to your classroom for parents, and to show student growth at parent teacher conferences.

Tips: Podcasts can be created using several programs such as Apple’s Garageband (this application comes standard on Macintosh computers), Audacity which is a free open source software for recording and editing sounds, and My Podcast where podcasts can be recorded and hosted for free.

Spelling Wizard

Posted by admin | Posted in Language Arts, Primary Elementary, Secondary Elementary, Teacher Resources, Websites | Posted on 27-08-2007

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What it is: The Spelling Wizard gives students two cool ways to memorize their spelling words. First students type in 10 spelling words, then they choose between two fun games. In Spelling Scramble students unscramble letters to practice their spelling words. In Make a Word Search students hunt for their spelling words in a word search to practice their words.

How to integrate Spelling Wizard into the classroom: Set up computers as a study center where students can practice their spelling words. This site would be great for use as an “I’m finished, now what?” activity.

Tips: Remind students that the words HAVE to be spelled correctly, otherwise they will practice their words incorrectly.



Pod’s Mission

Posted by admin | Posted in Primary Elementary, Science, Secondary Elementary, Teacher Resources, Websites | Posted on 24-08-2007

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What it is: Pod’s Mission is dedicated to teaching kids science in a fun, interactive environment. Topics include bones, electricity, and solids and liquids.

How to integrate Pod’s Mission into your science classroom: Set up classroom computers during science time as an interactive learning center. Students can begin a unit by exploring on Pod’s Mission, as practice during a unit, or as a culminating activity at the end of the unit.

Tips: Visit the teacher guide for a site overview, curriculum relevance, lesson plans (online and offline), classroom activities, and printable worksheets.



Max’s Math Adventures

Posted by admin | Posted in Math, Websites | Posted on 23-08-2007

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What it is: Max’s Math Adventures teaches students math skills (kindergarten-second grade) through fun adventures. Skills include shapes, counting to 30, comparing and ordering, linear measurement, whole number addition, sorting and classifying, patterns, addition, subtraction, equal parts (fractions), counting to 100, size comparison, estimation up to 100, time, money, adding 2-digit numbers, simple graphing, number patterns, and concrete multiplication.

How to integrate Max’s Math Adventures into your math curriculum: Set up a math adventure as a center during math time. Use a projector and use a math adventure as an opening to a math unit. Work through the adventure as a class before the new skill is taught.

Tips: Be sure to check out the teachers guide for some great tips on using the site in your classroom!



Bite Size Reading

Posted by admin | Posted in Language Arts, Primary Elementary, Secondary Elementary, Teacher Resources, Websites | Posted on 21-08-2007

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What it is: Bite Size Reading is part of BBC Schools. Bite Size Reading includes online deduction, dictionary, non-fiction, and poetry activities and quizzes.

How to integrate Bite Size Reading into your reading curriculum: Use the corresponding online lessons and worksheets during your reading time. Set up the Bite Size Reading site as a center that students visit as part of their reading lesson.

Tips: You can embed activities right on your website or blog with the code provided!



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