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iLearn Technology Edublogger Alliance #2

Setting a deadline at the end of the school year was a BAD idea.  It seemed feasible when I set the deadline but soon I was packing away 7 years of classroom… stuff, and sorting through 7 years of digital mess.  Alas, the release of the second edublogger alliance is a little later than I had...

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It’s a major award! #edubroawards

Posted by admin | Posted in General, Teacher Resources | Posted on 12-12-2012

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In case you didn’t catch it, the title is a quote from a Christmas Story.  If you haven’t seen this classic…it is time to change that!

Last night was the Edubro Awards.  I got the best award of my life: The Best Smile that kills award.  (not sure about the “that kills” bit but will take it none the less).

For the record this is the best education award show I have seen.  Well done @tgwynn and @thenerdyteacher

If you missed the award show, you can see the archive and list of winners here.