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Stories of Learning: Antarctica Inquiry Unit and the Power of Twitter

In addition to iLearn Technology, I keep two other blogs (about to add another): Dreams of Education and Stories of Learning.  Stories of Learning isn’t really my blog, it’s your blog.  It is a place to share what is working in education.  I don’t plan to post my original work often. It is a place to collect and gather guest posts and re-posts of what you are doing every day in the classroom that transforms learning.  The most recent post is a must see, it is from edublogger alliance member Henrietta Miller and is a re-post of a post that she wrote for her excellent blog, Classroom Chronicles.  This story of learning is about an inquiry unit that Henrietta did with her students about Antarctica, as you will read, the learning stretches far beyond your typical unit on Antarctica thanks to the Power of Twitter. If you have a story of learning you would like to share as a guest post or as a re-post, let me know about it via my contact form here.

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Tangram House

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What it is: I love tangram puzzles, so when I found Tangram House I was thrilled.  This online version of the Chinese puzzle lets students select a puzzle to complete and work with 7 tans (shapes) to fill the puzzle.  The tans can be rotated, flipped, and dragged into place.  The puzzles can be completed online or downloaded for free as an offline game.

How to integrate Tangram House into the classroom: The format of this website would be appropriate for an interactive whiteboard activity.  Split students into teams that will take turns at the board forming the tangrams.  Encourage the students who are not at the board to help out with good directions and clues for the student working on the puzzle.  This is a good way for kids to practice giving and receiving quality instructions and descriptions.  Tangram House could also be used on classroom computers as a math learning center or individually in a computer lab setting.

Tips: Play online or download for free and play offline.

Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Tangram House in your classroom.

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