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My English Images

English Images
English Images

What it is: My English images is a great site that I learned about from @larryferlazzo.  This site was designed for English teachers and English teachers working with ESL and EFL students but it is a great site for any literacy classroom.  The site has images and worksheets that are available for download that can be used to catch student’s attention, spice up lessons, and illustrate difficult language concepts.  My English Images provides pictures that illustrate conversation, grammar, basic English, pronunciation, and vocabulary concepts.  New content is added to the collection monthly.

How to integrate My English Images into the classroom: This site is ideal for the ESL/EFL classroom.  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and that is definitely the case with this site.  Students will be able to look at the pictures and understand the language concepts with the help of visuals.  The pictures can be downloaded and used in PowerPoint presentations, interactive whiteboard lessons, and any lesson that you are teaching that would benefit from visuals.  Visuals are the first thing that people associate with a concept.  They help students recall more quickly, and the concepts get stored in permanent memory because students have an easier time making connections with things they already know.  My English Images has some fantastic offline games that can be played with English language learners.  You can download and print rules and a certificate of excellence as students complete the games.  Grammar concepts are often difficult for any student learning them for the first time.  My English Images makes it easier for students to understand how the English language works.  This site should be used in any English speaking/learning literacy classroom!

Tips: Take a little time to explore My English images, it is a treasure trove of resources!  My English Images was created by English language teacher F. Michael Kloran based on what he uses with his students.

Leave a comment and tell us how you are using My English Images in your classroom.

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