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Science Bob

science bob

What it is: Science Bob is a great resource library for the elementary science classroom.  It is an excellent place for students to explore science concepts.  Students can get some fun science fair ideas, experiments (that can be done offline), research helpers, science questions/answers, and science videos.

How to integrate Science Bob into the classroom: Science Bob is a great anticipatory site to use with students.  Videos can be watched as a class to introduce a new science topic or just to build a little excitement in the science class.  Let students explore the experiment section and choose an experiment to perform.  Each student can choose a different experiment to test at home.  Hold a class science day where students can share the experiment with the class.  Let them be the science ‘expert’.  As students conduct experiments, they can practice going through the scientific method.  Science Bob is a great stop for parents and students looking for science fair projects.  Start each science class with a fun science fact in the science question and answer section.  This is a great site to get your students excited about science and ready to learn more.

Tips: The “research” section of Science Bob is packed full of other amazing science websites.  They are organized by topic for simple searching.

I am often asked where I learn about all of these educational websites.  I have a variety of sources (RSS feeds, searches, books) but my favorite source is my OUTSTANDING PLN on Twitter.  If you aren’t on Twitter, I highly recommend it.  I have created a page where you can see all of the wonderful people in my PLN on Twitter.  This is a great place to start your own Twitter powerhouse.

Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Science Bob in your classroom.

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  1. I think this is a great resource. I like the idea about each student becoming an “expert” on the experiment that they choose to do. I also think the research part of the site is great because I want my students to do more research in science. One thing that is a possibility to add (and I know that you can’t through this blog, its just a good idea) would be a section on scientists. Last year I had my students do a “Wanted” poster for a scientist of their choice (from a list I had provided). It was to allow them to learn about some of the scientists that researched and discovered the concepts we learned throughout the year. I found it to be a great project that the students enjoyed and they learned a lot about scientists in the 5th grade. I feel it is never too early to learn about these important people in history!

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