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iboard: Shopping to a Budget

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What it is: Shopping to a Budget is another of iboard’s offering.  Students are given a set amount of money to spend.  They can choose to “purchase” a variety of candies to spend all of their money.  This is a UK site so all of the coins are British (not US dollar).  There are 3 levels of difficulty to choose from.  With each level of difficulty, the amount to spend increases.

How to integrate Shopping to a Budget into the classroom: Shopping to a Budget helps students practice budgeting and counting coins.  Shopping to a Budget gives students the opportunity to use and practice addition and subtraction.  Students also practice using math language (“you’ve spent 10p, how much more to 27p? What is the difference?”)  This is a fun little activity for practicing counting money, addition, and subtraction on the interactive whiteboard.  Split students into teams and reveal the target numbers.  Students can work within their teams to decide what their team would buy.  Invite one team up to the board to demonstrate how they solved the problem.  Other teams can offer ideas about how they solved the problem differently.  Shopping to a Budget would also make a great practice center on classroom computers or in a computer lab setting.

Tips: iboard has a variety of activities for the interactive whiteboard that can be purchased.  Shopping to a Budget is one of their freebie samples.

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