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iboard: Alien Pairs to 10

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What it is: Alien Pairs to 10 is a fun warm up game for the primary math classroom.  Students are given 60 seconds to find as many pairs of 10 as they can.  The numbers students have to choose from are written on Aliens, with the target number (always 10) on the spaceship.  Students drag pairs of aliens into the spaceship and check the answer to find out how many pairs that equal 10 they can find.

How to integrate iboard: Alien Pairs to 10 into the classroom: Alien Pairs to 10 will bring out the inner competition in any student.    To use this site with an interactive whiteboard, split your students into teams.  Have students face off to find out who can find the most pairs of 10 before their 60 seconds are up.  This site was created with interactive whiteboards in mind but, to be honest,  I think this site is best suited for classroom computers as a math center activity.  Keep a running scoreboard next to your classroom computers where you post the high scores of the week.

Tips: iboard has a variety of activities for the interactive whiteboard that can be purchased.  Alien Pairs to 10 is one of their freebie samples.

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