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What it is: Safe Share TV is a fantastic way to share You Tube videos with your students. Safe Share TV removes all distracting and offensive elements that surround a video on You Tube and allows you to share the video with a unique link.  Safe Share TV also gives you the option to crop videos before sharing them.

How to integrate Safe Share TV into the classroom: I love the way that Safe Share TV eliminates all of the related videos, comments, links to other videos, etc. from a You Tube video and makes it available with a unique link.  You Tube has some excellent videos to use in the classroom on demand. The problem? You Tube can share too much with your students.  Related videos may be inappropriate for the classroom, or comments left by others may be offensive.  Just today I was searching for a School House Rock video for one of our first grade teachers.  I found the video on You Tube but shared it via Safe Share TV so that the distracting content would be excluded.  This is the perfect way to share You Tube videos with students on a projector, interactive whiteboard, or as part of a center activity on classroom computers.

Tips: Safe Share TV includes cropping capability for You Tube videos, it is simple to crop videos down to the exact clip that you want to use with students.

Leave a comment and share how you are using Safe Share TV in your classroom.

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  1. I had no idea this existed! Thank you so much for sharing! Right now, they do not encourage us to use You Tube in our classrooms because some videos do have content that might not be appropriate. This will take care of that little problem. Are you using this in your classroom? Is it difficult to use? Does it take a long time?

    Again, thank you for sharing!

  2. This tool sounds like a great way to appease opponents of technology use in the classroom. Allowing teachers to prescreen and modify videos based on age –appropriate content is an incredible concept. Technology can enhance instruction in such incredible ways; it is great to see tools being developed that address the concerns of those who are wary of using technology in school.

  3. This is great, Kelly. Teachers often ask for safe ways to show YouTube videos in class. This looks easier than KickYouTube, which allows you to download the video to your computer before showing it. Do you know if SafeShare is blocked in places that block YouTube?

  4. I am using this in my classroom, it is so easy to use. Just copy and paste the You Tube URL and then click share. You get a unique URL to use that will just show the video. Takes about 2 min. max. If you are cropping a clip down it may take a few extra minutes but this is very easy to do to. Onscreen instructions walk you through each step of the way.

  5. In our district, You Tube is blocked, but this service is not. CAUTION: using a service such as this in our district would constitute an attempt to circumvent our District filtering devices, and therefor would violate language in our AUP. Same is true for KickYouTube and QuietTube, etc. I would encourage all readers to check the language in your respective AUPs very carefully before using sites such as these, and be aware of potential problems that could result.

  6. I sometimes allow my students to turn in video assignemnts via youtube. This will be a great tool to make sure that it is cleaner. Also, in my school district we are able to get some sites unblocked.

  7. Great disclaimer Matt, because it isn’t blocked here, I never considered the possibility that it might not be acceptable use.

  8. I also have students submit video projects to youtube. This could be great to have all students review each other’s work in the computer lab without the nonsense of dealingwith other youtube videos. Nice find!

  9. I think this service is a godsend. Before I used it, I had to give the “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” speech before every instance of posting a youtube video on my classroom site. The “other videos” to watch were often REALLY inappropriate for 8th graders- and once you lose them, they are gone! Thanks for the great tip.

  10. I’m with you, it doesn’t solve every problem but if you can at least hide the temptation to go wandering, it definitely helps!

  11. I am going to ask my TIS tomorrow about the ability to use this in the classroom. Thanks for sharing. I especially want to know if I would be violating any rules on the district level by using this.

  12. You are welcome! Making sure that using it doesn’t violate district rules is a great idea. At my school YouTube is unblocked, but I don’t want the distractions that has around all of the videos.

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