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What it is: Weebly is a place to create free websites and blogs. Weebly makes it extremely easy to create a website or a blog because of its drag and drop interface, ready made designs, ability to customize content simply, and the drag and drop approach to organizing pages. These websites are easy to create and have great looking, professional results.

How to integrate Weebly into the classroom: Teachers, use Weebly to create a class website. Here your students can explore topics that you are studying in class, view any assignments that are due, see class pictures, read newsletters, and find content related links. A class website can become the hub for any classroom. Post all current information on your class site, pictures of field trips you have taken, add links to websites you are using in class, other 2.0 resources that you are using such as mind maps, update your classroom blog, etc.  This is a great way to boost classroom-home communication.   Weebly makes it so easy to quickly create and update pages, it is the perfect platform for classroom webpages.

Tips: Weebly has a great live demo where you can try the site out before signing up for a free account.

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  1. I created an online, web 2.0 type project for my students about virtues. You can take a look at Students will be creating their own commercials using our cannon video cameras and iMovie. Before they can complete the project, I wanted to create a place to introduce students to the project and get them thinking about the project together. There is a blog where they can interact and share ideas, links for places to do research and embedded videos of examples. Should be fun!

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