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What it is: Math Two is a great alternative to flash cards for students who are practicing math facts.  Games are leveled by difficulty and include addition and multiplication facts.  Students are given a problem and must type the answer. Students receive immediate feedback about their answer (correct or incorrect).

How to integrate Math Two into the classroom: Sometimes you just have to mix up the flashcards a little bit when practicing math facts.  Math Two isn’t overly interactive or “gamey” but it will give your students another opportunity to be drilled on and practice math facts.  My students actually love practicing math facts this way, I tell them it is good practice for World Math Day where they compete against other students from around the world.  When they think of it as training in preparation for upcoming competition, they are excited to practice.  Math Two is best for individual computers or as a math fact center on classroom computers.

Tips: Send this link home to parents, they are often looking for new ways to practice math facts at home.  Thank you @2sparkley for introducing me to Math Two!

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  1. I like this idea. This would be a great math station for those who need a little extra practice with their math facts. It gives them immediate feedback and they can interact with the program on their own. Sounds great!

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