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Story Nory

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What it is: Story Nory is a collection of FREE audio books for kids.  There is a mixture of new stories, fairy tales, and specially adapted myths and histories.  A new audio story comes out each week (this has been true since November of 2005!).  Search stories by newest additions, original stories, fairy tales, classic authors, educational, or junior stories.  The stories can be subscribed to as a podcast in iTunes, through their iPhone/iPod touch app, via email, or RSS feed.  Story Nory offers the text to accompany the audio so that kids can read along.

How to integrate Story Nory into the classroom: Story Nory would make an excellent addition to your reading/listening library.  Listening to audio books can be a great way to help students improve comprehension skills, and to listen for different literary features (such a voice, timing, rhythm, annunciation, etc.).   Set up a listening center on your classroom computers, an iPod or MP3 lab, or in a lab setting.  Students can access stories that are of high interest to them at their level.  Students can create book talks, or reviews of the stories to share with their peers.  Set up a wiki where students can share their thoughts about the stories they listen to.

Tips: Encourage parents to sign up for the Story Nory emails so that they can share the story of the week with their kids.

Leave a comment and share how you are using Story Nory in your classroom.

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  1. I didn’t know about this website. Thank you for sharing. I updated it in the Homeschool Resource toolbar (soon to be named Ed Resource toolbar) under Audio Books.

    I also have Loudit, Lit2go, Learn out Loud listed…check them out if you haven’t already.

  2. Thanks for sharing another great resource! I can’t wait to share this with teachers. I thinkthis might really help some of the ESL students at school, so I need to share this link with my teachers!!

  3. I already know that I will become addicted to this site for resources… Had never seen this til now.

    On another note, thanks for continually including your personal tips of integrating your tips into the classroom. Most appreciated!

  4. I had a huge library of book tapes and cds in my classroom, and it would have been so convenient (not to mention efficient with classroom space) to have some of them on the computer. I love it when materials are online so students can access them from home for extra practice as well as in my classroom. Thanks for the great site!

  5. Thank you! One of the biggest headaches for me as a classroom teacher was finding a huge list of links that I had to sort through and figure out what I could do with them. When I started this blog, that is one of the problems I wanted to address.

  6. Thank you for another great resource! I love how you not only share the websites, but how you also provide ways to integrate them effectively! I am a long time reader and fan!

  7. Thank you! When I started the site, I wanted a way that I could remember the great ideas I had for using it in the classroom. I figured other teachers might appreciate that as well 🙂

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