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Venture into Student Blogging Risk Free!

My edublogger alliance friend Christopher Rogers at EdTech Swami has made an incredible offer:


“If you have students interested in blogging but for what­ever reason have not set one up, or perhaps the prospect of administering a student blog seemed over whelming I have a deal for you. I already have a blog set up and running. I have quit a bit of experi­ence blogging personally and with students. I have hard core spam protection set up. I will administer, moderate and commentate on the posts. If you have students interested in blogging they are welcome to join my students (who are desperate for other writers to interact with). Registration is open. All high school students are welcome. Just direct your browser to this address and click register.

If you have high school students who are interested in blogging, but you aren’t ready or can’t go there on you own, take Christopher up on this incredibly generous offer.  Give your students access to an incredible teacher and resource for growth in writing and higher-order thinking.

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