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Moppet Games

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What it is: Moppet Games is a website for 3-8 year old kids.  There are only a few games on the site right now but they are fun, quick games that students will enjoy.  Students can play photo hunt where they discover differences between two sets of pictures (like the picture hunts in Highlights magazine), memory with shapes, hangman, word search, or math worm.  The math worm game is one that students will enjoy for practicing their math facts.  In the game, students play a worm who must keep from getting eaten by a bird.  To move the worm, students must quickly answer simple addition and subtraction problems.  As they are working, the bird gets ominously closer, they have to be quick with that fact recall! There are two game levels for math worm: easy and hard.  The easy version quizzes on facts less than 10 and the bird moves slowly.  In the hard version, the facts are a little more challenging and the bird moves much more quickly toward the worm.

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How to integrate Moppet Games into the classroom: I like using these short, flash games for those extra minutes that students have in the classroom.  Maybe they finished a project early, are waiting for their turn at a center, or have a few minutes before it is time to pack up for the day and go home… in these instances it is nice to have a game that is fun, keeps students thinking, and is quick to complete.  My favorite of the games is the math worm game, it is a fun way to practice simple addition and subtraction without the flashcards.  If you have access to an interactive whiteboard, make the math worm game into a whole class relay.  Line up students at the board, each student completes a problem and then passes the pen to the next student in line. See if your class can outsmart that hungry bird!  Use the other games as a fun incentive to line up quietly.  Put one of the activities up on the interactive whiteboard and call students who are quiet and ready to line up to come up and solve part of the puzzle.  By the time the puzzle has been completed the class will be lined up and ready to go.  The students who miss out on helping to solve the puzzle are those who weren’t following directions or chatting when they shouldn’t be.  This has been a great classroom management incentive in my classroom, all of the students want to be involved in the game.

Tips: Moppet Games is advertising free, you have to appreciate that!

Please leave a comment and share how you are using Moppet Games in your classroom.

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  1. Great news it is ad free. Lots of fun for a few minutes or for longer. I’ll have to miss the bird and worm one since I am scared of birds!

    Another great site, thanks for sharing.

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