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Captain Coordinate

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What it is: Captain Coordinate is a fun, fully narrated, interactive game that teaches students about geography and scale.  The game is one of the “Freebes” from Sherston.  Students can choose from three difficulty levels to help Captain Coordinate put up wanted posters in several locations.  They are given the scale of the map and can see the coordinates of the map.  Students determine how far East, West, North, or South they must go based on the scale to put up the posters.

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How to integrate Captain Coordinate into the classroom: Captain Coordinate is a fun way for your students to practice geography, map, and math skills all in one activity.  The entire game is narrated making it nice for a center activity or independent computer activity.  This is a great little practice site that responds to student input and has built in progress monitoring and immediate feedback for students.

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Tips: Sherston has a variety of software for the classroom for purchase, but there are also a lot of free activities to take advantage of online.

Please leave a comment and share how you are using Captain Coordinate in your classroom.

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  1. A great idea to have levels of difficulty as this will keep students engaged for quite a while. They always want to get right to the very top of the tree!

  2. Sites with different levels are great because they keep students practicing and trying to get to that next step. The sense of competition kicks in and kids are willing to practice harder and longer without even realizing it.

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